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[VIC]Great Alpine Rd best direction

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Quick question - which way do you prefer to go over Mt Hotham. I will probly go from Bright to Omeo but I haven't done it the other way.

    Ta :grin:

  2. Heya Morbo,

    we did it on Thursday from Bright to Omeo. It was my first time on it too but as a general observation from west to east you when you're in tighter stuff you're heading uphill, and it's a little more generous and sweepy when heading down. Suited me fine ;)

    That said, had I the time I'd have turned around and gone back the other way!

    Pinching a mates photo :)

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  3. Yeah sweet, that sounds like the go, cheers phojomark.

    I do prefer doing the tight bits uphill (don't we all...) but having not done it the otherway I didn't know if I was missing out on something.

    Plus that fits in heaps better with the trip we're planning - MEL -> Bright on day one then start the twisty stuff fresh in the morning and continue the journey as we want to.

    Ta :grin:
  4. Great rd when are you planning to go? I would like to tag along on this one.
  5. A lot of people seem to run wide coming down through the tight stuff towards Bright when going the Omeo-Bright way, especially if it's the tail end of a long ride.

    I like it both ways. In fact I try to make an overnighter that lets me go over then back.
  6. not really to be honest. something about going downhill, almost like a rollercoaster, or floating, or something. maybe its the 250cc factor.
  7. I'm going Bright - Omeo next weekend via Falls Creek, taking the High Plains route which was sealed last year. Superb motorbike road, stunning views, and worth the extra distance and time: plus I'm over the Harrietville route having lived and worked at Hotham for the past 15 years!

    I'll be riding to Bright on Friday, via Mansfield and the back roads. If you take the GAR in anything like warm weather be very careful wherever the road markings are in yellow, as the road mix is very sticky in the heat. It has more kero in the mix to prevent cracking during the winter, which makes it soft and sticky in summer. Three motorbike fatalities in the area in the past 3 weeks :(

    The other Great Ride is from Omeo down to Bairnsdale, just full of marvelous long sweeping curves. And if you take the Hotham route make sure that you call in at Dinner Plain for a break and a coffee, boost my local economy :D
  8. Or it will be when it's been swept properly. Lots of fine gravelly stuff on it, still.
  9. I do wonder what effect this (clicky) has had:

  10. PS we're leaving tomorrow but it's just me and a good mate getting away for 4-5 days and catching up, wandering around the state. I ride up there fairly regularly Eav so I'll let you know when I do a standard Alpine Rd loop again :)
  11. if it's hot it's nicer to ride from bright across, as the road gets very slippery (the tar melts, in the tight sections), and it's easier on tyres out the other side heading down hill rather then up the sweepers 8-[
  12. The road wasn't too bad I have been along it since the downpour, there was some predictable crap on it nothing dramatic though,

    This road is a bit crap in my opinion, barely two lanes wide, coarse gravelly surface, sometimes loose, unmarked corners, 4wd traffic in the center of the road etc.......not a road to scratch on, definitely not when you consider all the awesome roads within a 100km radius.

    It is a nice for "omeo/falls creek loop", but not the section to be ridden hard.
  13. Thanks for the comments on the High Plains road: I was going on advice from locals, and was quite looking forward to the ride! Has anyone taken the road in the past few weeks who can give current conditions? If it's genuinely lousy, I'll bin the idea and go to Dinner Plain the usual Harrietville trip.

    And remind myself it is a 5 minute trip by helicopter ;)
  14. ridden it twice since it's been sealed, last time being the 30th of dec, still small amount of gravel but didn't cause too many troubles...but yeah road is as describled above, a good riders road.