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[Vic] Grand Ridge Road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Had reason to drive on some of the Grand Ridge Rd from Mirboo North to Hallston yesterday (there are days I love my job) and the weather has certainly had an affect on it.

    There's a few patches where the bitumen has been replaced with gravel and sections wherethe road edge has disappeared down the hill so it's narrower than usual.

    Everything is signposted BUT you never know what's around the next bend so be careful.

  2. Haven't been on that road for many years - how much of it remains unsealed now?
  3. Nothing's changed then, it's been like that forever.
  4. Love that road on the Strom!
  5. Yes the Strom is the bike to do it on. Went along the length of it on the VFR and glad I did it but not again ;)
  6. unfortunately most roads out there have gone bad. imo its only a matter of time before someone gets badly hurt out there...take care all and ride safe...

    lately i've been taking plenty of supplies like food, water and rock climbing gear just in case i find myself at the bottom of one of these bloody holes ;)
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    Those "few patches" were never sealed to begin with, and from memory, there's about 5km of gravel round Trida, that's nevertheless a pretty firm surface if you stay off the edges. Easiest (and on a bike, I'd say the most interesting) way up onto the road is to start closer to Warragul, from further north up the Warragul-Korumburra Road than the start of the GRR, and that's sealed all the way up to Seaview, if not exactly first class:


    Be warned if you're tempted to venture east beyond Mirboo North that (two or three weeks ago at least) there was some pretty bad erosion on the last left-hand bend down to the turnoff to Dumbalk and Meeniyan. I knew it was there -- I'd seen it a month earlier -- and it still cost me a tyre.

    Credit where due, though -- going up to the GRR back in November, another hole -- on the road up from Nyora, just before the climb up to Poowong -- cost me another tyre. Really dodgy, dangerous and deep one, and unmarked -- ducking out towards the centre of the road to avoid a broken edge (on four wheels), it lined me up perfectly for the BIG one about 30m further on, right on the bend of what's basically a blind corner where the only option was to cross the double lines without knowing what's coming. Spoiled my plans for the day completely and expensively, but I could easily see someone getting killed by it, so I rang VicRoads (Traralgon? Bairnsdale? not sure ...) to report it when I got home, and their contractor had it invisibly mended by the following weekend.

    As a frequent tourist along the length of that road, what I'd expect to see (and don't) is more two-wheeled traffic coming up to Balook from Traralgon, then along to Moorfield's Saddle where the bitumen ends about 5km west of there, then down the Tarra Valley Road to Yarram. Sealed all the way, but I can't comment about its condition at the mo (though if it's anything like everywhere else I've been lately, it's probably been allowed to become pretty c@rp).
  8. 13 11 70 is the best number to call to report road condition issues in VicRoads patch.
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  9. the speed limit on that road needs reducing,look at the state of it