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Vic Gov cycling survey

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twistngo, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Our beloved Government is surveying about attitudes to cyclists


    Of interest to us are questions about motorcycles sharing bike lanes, so it might be worth spending the time doing it a time or two. The cyclists will manipulate it of course, but it worth a go.

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  2. They will manipulate it and they're much better at sticking together and getting their shit organised than the motorcycling groups.
  3. The cyclists shouldnt be on the road at all. I know this may get some peoples backs up but IMO if they want to be there they should be paying customers like the rest of us. They dont pay reg and insurance, yet some feel they have more road rights than the average joe.

    Plus it shits me right off when they close down numerous roads in my area because all of the lycra wearing folk want to host an event. I dont see the councils sealing off roads for us motorcyclists so we can hold an event of our own.

    Another one that makes me irate is when they are riding in big groups blocking half the f-ing road and we all have to slow down because the general culture is that we must respect cyclists.

    Another point I will raise is the dooring laws that are now in full force, If for example I catch a cab into town and open the rear door and deck a cyclist, I will not only be rolling around in a fit of laughter but I will be liable for any damges. When is the last time you turned around to look out the back window of a cab to see if a cyclist was sneaking up the inside before you step out of the back door.

    Us motorcyclist seem to have something called a brain. When ever im riding along side cars that are parked or cars that are pulling up I always give a wide berth just incase a door may open.

    Thats my rant for the day. Cheers.
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  4. Refresh me, what pays for the roads again?

    Is it rego fees is it?
  5. I suggested we be allowed to shoot cyclists for sport, it will save ducks
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  6. #6 Gardz, Jun 29, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 29, 2014
    I never said it was rego fees that paid for our poorly maintained roads, if you read carefully and slowly you will see that i said to be on the road we all have to be paying customers where as cyclists dont.

    It is a legal requirement for us to be paid up so that we can operate our vehicles on public property. The majority of our fees are sucked up by TAC insurance which do offer an excellent service to those in need.

    If cyclists had a registration scheme in place and were paying customers their right to be on the roads with other road users would be properly legitimized.

    As it stands now cyclists are entitled to TAC if involved in a collision with a motor vehicle as well as a slice of the motorists motor vehicle insurance if applicable which is fair play if the motorist is at fault. But what happen when the cyclist is at fault, where is their insurance scheme to cover us as motorists or is this all just a one way street.

    It would not only legitimize their right to be on the roads it would also give them access to full TAC insurance cover should they be the at fault party in an incident or simply hospitalize themselves from a fall. They would be fully covered as registered paid up road users.

    I would certainly feel more comfortable if this ever growing population of cyclists would pay up like the rest of us or get off the f-ing road. Cheers.

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  7. ouch... car forums can be so harsh sometimes :p
  8. Done. There are comment sections, so there is the chance to spell out the similar risks faced by cyclists and motorcycles hence similar rules should apply (such as using bus lanes).
  9. So how do you propose we make cyclists paying customers?
  10. The above is not a proposal it's my opinion. If something like this were to happen in the future I imagine that registration of bicycles would be tied in with VicRoads etc. Even motor vehicle registration had to start somewhere.
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  11. Where do you draw the line on registration for cyclists? Do you include bicycle riders? How do you differentiate between someone riding for fitness/hobby/training or whatever... to somone riding down to the shops for a carton of milk? Or kids riding to/from school? Do you only then 'register' certain types of bikes according to size, weight. no. of gears? Isn't that discrimination or some other buzz word??
  12. You are right. There are alot of variables at play here. This is where something like this would need to be properly debated and all aspects of the scheme would need to be analysed, discussed and agreed upon by a committee. A trial would then need to be established to measure the effectiveness of the scheme and iron out any hiccups. Financial risk vs reward is also another factor at play.
  13. So you think everyone who rides a bicycle does not own a car or motorcycle and they just get a free ride? Pull your head out of your arse mate! 95% of the cyclists I know have 1 or more rego fee to pay for.
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  14. Thats your opinion kenoath and you are entitled to it. The fact that cyclists have other regos to pay is irrelevant to what is being shared here, the other regos dont cover them in any way shape or form when they are riding a bicycle on the black top. I currenly pay 6 registrations for my vehicles and you dont here me fckin crying about it.

    Nice first post. Cheers.
  15. You sound about the same as those ranting about motorcyclists pushing in whenever filtering is discussed amongst ordinary motorists.
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  16. Its a viscious circle.

    Victriple raised a very good point previously as per the above. All of those ranting motorists and ranting cyclists carry a certain amount of weight in the state government forums where these big decisions are made, they carry so much weight in there arguments because they are well organised and are a majority. Thats why we get shat on all the time.

    Maybe we should rant more often.

  17. I'm looking forward to the day I meet you on my pushie....

    Mind you - I'm a "real" cyclist, you know the kind that is out at 5am weekdays before work in the horrendous weather for the pursuit of cycling....

    Weekend warriors are all the gear and no idea boys.....

    Pull shit on the guys who ride to ride and it won't end well.

    Just sayin'

  18. It looks like not all do...or maybe just missing the parts involving empathy...or maybe you've not commuted by pushie?
  19. Because nobodies ever ranted about cyclists before?
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  20. blerdy hell gardz... although i always enjoy reading the opinion of someone who actually has an opinion on here, i cant remember ever reading such a big load of bs...

    sad thing is you and your views are all too common out there on the road.