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[VIC]-Got flashed last night...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bambam_101, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Heya,

    Riding home last night i got flashed by a speed camera. (car parked on side of the road)

    Now, I was in a 70 zone. My bikes speedo reads 77-78kmh for a true 70kmh speed. Ive tested this with 2 or 3 different cars for comparison. Its very similar to my old Hyo in terms of speedo inacuracy.

    As soon as i saw the first flash, I looked down at the speedo and it was showing 81kmh. I knew straight away what the flash was and it was only a split second from seeing it to looking at the speedo. My question is, do these cameras flash regardless of how little over the speed limit you are doing and then rounded down to take in to account the 3km tolerance after? Or are they preset to take into account the tolerance beforehand? Or am i screwed? There werent any other cars around except for a car I had just overtaken. The dumbass was sitting on about 50 in the 70 zone.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You're screwed
  3. Blunt and to the point. Fair enough!

    Feel free to delete the thread vic. :)
  4. What is worrying is why Vic flashed at you, no wonder you're screwed!
  5. pray that the pic has clarity issues [-o<

    i've been flashed (by a fixed camera smee) on two occassions, and i got no fine in the mail! both well over 8mths ago :dance:
    can only put it down to a fugged picture :)

  6. Quit clinging to that dream Nick. You in this lifetime will miss out :p
  7. The tolerance for speed cameras in VIC are 6 kph.

    Which means in a 70 zone, if you are detected at 77 kph (or above), you will be flashed. I have been told however that since the use of digital, instead of wet film. The enforcement officers set the camera to 5kph below the speed limit. Hence you'll get flashed at 3 kph above the limit.

    The reason for this was to first let people know they are speeding, and second to add to their statistics database. These people will be flashed, but not fined.

    They then deduct a tolerance amount of 4 kph, and your fine and points fall under this speed. Therefore the above speed becomes 73 kph indicated.

    There are many people who scream about how the fu*k can someone tell if they are doing 3 kph over the limit. But in reality they were doing a bit more :LOL:
  8. Cheers Justin,

    But I do have a question. What does that all mean? :LOL:

    Im at work, I saw heaps of numbers and the brain shut off. Am i screwed? haha
  9. Hardly. Based on what you said the worst case scenario is what, an 80 dollar fine and 2 points? Be glad they didn't get you at some less convenient speed. :)
  10. There is always hope,

    I have been flashed by Speed cameras a number of times, with no fine in the mail.
  11. 80 dollars in NSW, you havn't seen Victorian traffic fines. :(
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  13. The tinted visor!! ...it does nothing!!?? :shock: :rofl:
  14. Re: VIC-Got flashed last night...

    Sounds to me he knew something you didn't :roll:

    SO who's the dumbass :?:
  15. Re: VIC-Got flashed last night...

    Must be you bud. It wasnt a he. It was a she. But thanks for your input.
  16. Got any references for that? The tolerances indicated on my fines have always been 2km/h. I know I was fined for alleged 62km/h in a 60 zone, after I was recorded doing 64km/h.

    Truth be told I had the cruise set, and I wasn't speeding at all, but it's not like you can argue with a malfunctioning camera or unscrupulous operator now, is there? Just gotta bend over and take it again. :p
  17. No such thing as a speeding ticket under $100 in Vic
  18. 1 point and a $135 fine for you knackers..

    But you do know that the picture doesn't always turn out clear.. :shock: Cross your fingers mate.. :grin: :p
  19. I don't understand, wouldn't it have flashed the front of the bike?
  20. Me too! similar time period too. I've heard of plenty of times when fixed cameras flash, but no fine comes. Can't speak for the roadside ones though.