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[VIC] GOR Sunday 4/10/2009

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Oct 2, 2009.


    Depart 8am
    Todd Road Shell Servo - off Westgate, heading for Geelong, Todd Road Exit, Melways Reference 42H12 (just see ride map)

    Ride map:

    Note recent warning from port80:
    Please mind particularly the "have a blast"

  2. I'm a possibility..... Would meet in Anglesea :) I'll post up Sat night on how possible I am lol
  3. F%&^ F$%& F&*%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Agreed to something else sunday just last night and have been wanting to get back on the GOR for a while...................................
  4. I'll probably be down for this one...will see if I can drag along a few others:demon:
  5. doubt i will be in any state to be riding sunday....have a blast guys and will catch you on the next one
  6. See ya there :p
  7.  Top
  8. thanks a LOT browny
  9. edit the original post in case people don't read the entire thread

    Edit: OP, Dude, What time are is the meet and depart??

    Edit2: i'm a fukn idiot.
  10. hohoho
    So are you coming? Have you done the responsible thing and ditched other plans to ride your motorbike?
    Shame you probably won't be coming stewy :]
    (but the way these seem to happen lately is tue/thur "so what about this weekend")

    I'm sure we'll do it again soon as the weather gets better ....
  11. This just in 7 seconds ago, priorities re-arranged and swept under the rug / sorted. I'm there for the first half I think (won't be doing the entire route).


    full day's riding tomorrow and sunday, FARRRRRRRRRRK YEAH!! (new rear tire too!)
  12. hahahaha
    lookin forward to it
  13. There pending hangover
  14. How quick you riding? Within the speed limits of course ;-) but would you say level 3 ride or more like 4/5?


  15. I would say the pace will vary, I would also imagine the ride would use corner markers, so as with all rides just ride at your own pace.

    can I suggest a slightly different route?

    down the boring bit(freeway) to Waurn Ponds-->Winchelsea-->Deans Marsh-->GOR through Lorne to Apollo Bay where we stop for lunch... then Apollo Bay-->Lavers Hill-->Forrest-->Colac-->Skenes Creek-->Lorne--Deans Marsh-->Winchelsea-->Waurn Ponds and then back to Melbourne...best route down there in my opinion.. you can gorge yourself on twisties to your hearts content
  16. Now that's a route Bamm-Bamm!!!!=P~

    Nick, count me in for Sunday.
  17. Yay, a GOR run.

    Id like to come along if its open to everybody, its a real nice ride down there and im so sick of Melbourne traffic. Love that sea breeze.

    Ouch for the start time... :p
  18. i'm a high probability, i would just meet you guys in anglesea and tag along from there. will get back on here later to confirm.

    worth noting there is a shite-load of traffic around here today so if that's anything to go by the GOR will be pretty packed with cars tomorrow too

  19. Sounds good - here is above mentioned route in Google Maps:

  20. Link not working for me.

    I won't be on ride. Too early, gonna be dark still when I get up. Looks like I'll be heading east on my own for a ride. Enjoy