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[VIC] GOR Ride Sunday, Sun Apr 20th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Davo

    A few of my work mates are doing the Great Ocean Road ride while we still have good warm weather.

    Below is the Itinary, Copy and paste the address without the <> at the start and end. There is no time limit though we are leaving 1868 Dandenong Rd C...

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  2. What time will you hit Geelong?. Say the first BP servo on the left after you cross the Rob Sergi bridge as you come into Geelong
  3. Dammit i have to work!
    I start at 11am so i doubt i'll make this one :(
  4. Well seeing that no one bothered to get back on times & locations etc etc etc I spose I could fill you all in on my little escape for the afternoon. Cranked up the dirty bike, stopped at the servo, nearly had a heart attack as the fuel pump clocked up $25 to top up the tank :shock: :shock: :shock: and I was off. All I can say is what a sensational day for a ride. A bit of traffic between Anglesea & Lorne but that just added to the fun by passing them all on the back wheel :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Caught up to 1/2 a dozen litre+ sport bikes just out of Lorne -including a new tri colour 1098. Anyone seen one of these in the flesh yet? Very very nice I must say. Had an absolute ball harrassing them for a bit before motoring on past right around the outside on some of those absolutely magnificent never ending sweepers along that stretch :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I reckon that is an absolutely sensational section of road even at a semi legal speed & never seem to get sick of it. Here's a tip -for the best fun you can ever have at semi legal speeds, I reckon everyone should try a motard at least once in their lives. Stopped for a drink & a bit of a yarn in Apollo bay with the crotch rockets before turning round & heading for home. Only saw one bike copper for the day so all was well :) :) Did I mention it was a ripper of a day for a ride? Cheers all. See ya's on the road. :) :)
  5. Yeah well if I had GOR on my doorstep then I would be carving it up every other weekend too Andy but =; , instead, I have St Andrew's, Kinglake and various other insundry spurs on my doostep.
    So while you were out harassing us litre+ boys, and shooting the chit on the seabreeze, I was doing my bit for peace and love baby, hanging with the hippies at the market, topped of with some badly needed mono practice(which I might add you dont need) with Loz,chef and Dan. All in all, a lovely day was had too :grin: And yes was it not, simply maginificent riding weather :cool:

    P.S. yes I ve seen 3 or 4 of those Ducati's now and talk about elitism snobbery. Not 1 has even acknowledged my existence, as if the mighty Divy-on 2 occassions at lights and 1 on Bandido, didnt measure up to their ability to pony up tons of dow for their new penis extension. :roll:
  6. Whats the road around Lorne like since the road works?
  7. If your referring to the section just on the other side of Lorne, then its fkn tops!!! :)
  8. The new hotmix section from Cumberland river (I think) through to the lookout that I can never remember the name of is absolutely sensational :cool: :cool: Really really smooth now :cool: :cool: I always used to take it prettyeasy through there but now it's business as usual :LOL: :LOL: