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[VIC] GOR ride, Sat Jan 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Bluerex

    Meeting at Westgate Fwy outbound side at 9.30am for 10.00am start

    Will be travelling along the Pricess Hwy to Winchelsea and Turn of at Winchelsea Deans Marsh road. Through Barwon Downs and Skenes Creek to Apollo bay where we will have lunch.
    The w...

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  2. Oh I love that route... I'm so in if I can wake up after the friday night gig!
  3. Shall i organise a wake up call :LOL:
  4. LOL. You can try.

    The only part of the route that sucks is the dead boring freeway parts. Brain numbing. Thank goodness the rest of the route rocks.

    Watch out for a mobile camera on the deans marsh road not far from deansmarsh.

  5. I might have to buy some good alcohol to get into the good books with Mrs Port, as I'd like to make this one.
  6. If people are keen would could also do the run up to Lavers Hill before heading back.
    Just an option.
  7. If I can get some time ... I would love to come.
    Have not done a GOR run yet, so would be a good experience for me.
  8. If there's time, and it's dry, I'd go to Lavers Hill... I have a hoodoo I need to break... see diesel link in sig.
  9. this is australia day... hmmm. if im working, i wont be coming, coz im not giving up $45/h :cry: :p otherwise id love to come.
    be taking it pretty easy, id like to make it there and back in one piece this time :LOL:
  10. Its a great run! :cool: I did the majority of that route just the other day. Look out for the shiney black crappy stuff covering the road on the latter sections of the skenes creek section (towards Apollo Bay side) Its on the best part of the twisties too :mad:
  11. I went for a bit of a drive along here thursday and friday. It was very hot and windy but the road wasnt all that busy. The flies were terrible, especialy at the viewing point at the apostles so take your Aerogard.

    Do remember to drink lots of water and be propperly rested before you go, it is a long trip even though its awsome.

    If youd like to see what your in for look here

    http://s171.photobucket.com/albums/u288/katcando/Great Ocean Road 08/

    Oh, and if anyone has a spare pillion seat, Id love to go again.
  12. This ride sounds good,

    hopefully I can join in,
  13. I might be up for this. Hopefully I will have recovered from the last few days of riding by then (Queensland, Lorne, Mt Bulla and Black Spur). :LOL:
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  17. how often do u guys go for petrol stops? my 250 doesnt get too far.
  18. How many k's do you get, my 600 only does about 200
  19. Yes it is, left side outbound. We may be up to 6-7 riders from our office now.