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[VIC] GOR Ride, Sat Feb 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: snowball

    Organising a GOR Ride meeting point is Westgate Fwy Shell Servo at 9.00am for a 9.30am start.

    Plan to Have lunch at Apollo bay and head back via Deans Marsh.

    Looking for some people for Corner markers and Tail end Charile.

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  2. Sounds good... will try make it along, haven't had my fix of the GOR in a couple of months :grin:
  3. count me in again,Snowball.Hopefully no rain this time.
  4. Is anyone else interested, I am still going :)
  5. If its not a scorcher weather wise,
    I'm a contender :grin:
    I don't mind being TEC if need be.
  6. A Possible.

    Hi All, Count me as a possible, about 60/40 at the moment I will know later in the week.
  7. I'm in if the weathers good. Forecast is fine and 28 so it's looking likely at this stage.
  8. count me in..... just dont whimp out on me guys. :grin:
  9. I might try and make this one - will confirm later in the week :cool:
  10. looking to go on this if can get my work finished
  11. Im thinking about it very seriously :-k
  12. Well the weather is looking awesome for this saturday, i can't wait.
  13. Yep count me in. The weather looks like is going to be a corker. Only downside is there'll be heaps of mobile tin chicanes on the GOR.
    I was tossing up whether to do this ride or the Meredith ride but 200 kays in 5 and a half hours sounds a bit too pedestrian for me :shock: .
    Having a fang down to apollo bay sounds like the way to go. Happy to do corner marking duties if need be :grin:
  14. O.K to meet at servo at Waurn Ponds just before Bunnings at 1015-1030?
  15. I can't see a problem if it is on the way... although i have no idea where Waurn ponds is
  16. is that the Caltex servo in Waurn Ponds
  17. change of plans for me, i'm not going to be joining you guy's this time.
    I'm heading up to echuca for the boat races instead, enjoy ya ride :)
  18. :LOL: :LOL: I cancelled on some mates going to the southern 80 so I could go on this ride :LOL: :LOL: Well have fun ya ski bum. I'll enjoy the ride :p
  19. it's a bp servo on princess hwy just before Bunnings in Waurn Ponds.Are you going that way or via Torquay?
  20. ok i just looked it up, we could go that way then down Anglesea road to Anglesea. Is that right?

    We will go that way then and meet you there.