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[VIC] GOR Ride, Sat Feb 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Scott

    Organising a GOR Ride meeting point is Westgate Fwy Shell Servo at 9.00am for a 9.30am start.

    Plan to Have lunch at Apollo bay and head back via Deans Marsh.

    Looking for an experienced leader as i have not lead a ride before.

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  2. Just so you know, Scott = Snowball :)

    Ok I will be at Westgate Fwy Shell Servo at 9.00am for a 9.30am start.
    Then onto Geelong, Caltex service station as you come of the Fwy, around 10:15-10:30am to pick up Triway and steve750. Final pick up point is Torquay out the front of Growlers Cafe to pick up V8.

    Looking at lunch in lorne, then maybe coffee in Apollo bay and back via Skenes Creek.
  3. count me in snowball,if thats ok.meet in geelong somewhere?
  4. Yeah sure we can pick you up on the way!
  5. Re: [VIC] GOR Ride, Sat Jan 20th

    Read the group rides article in Articles & give it a go, all ride leaders start somewhere! Love to join you if I'm not working! n.b westgate fwy shell servo is also known as Todd Rd service centre & that's how it's sign posted!
  6. hey I'll look into this again later in the week. haven't been on the GOR yet. would be good to go with a few others. 9am a bit early for me but will do my best.
  7. Count me in! :grin:

    I will also meet in Geelong, Caltex service station as you come of the Fwy, around 10:15-10:30am.
  8. We will be there. steve750 you happy with that meeting place?
  9. So what is the GOR?
  10. That would be the Great Ocean Road.
  11. Sweet! I am definitely in.
  12. Cool, was thinking of doing the GOR next weekend, but as you're organising it for 20th I'll be in that instead. :)
  13. G'day everyone,.......

    I hope there will be a trip in febuary,...early march as I would love to go.
    I have driven the GOR but never ridden it before.
    Going in a group sounds like fun.
    Will wait till feb when I have more time.

    Dr Who?
  14. I might make an appearance ;)
  15. Hey Scott, put me down as a tentative yes for this one. I haven't done the GOR yet so this would be a good trip for a first look at it I think :)
  16. Yeah Snowball,no worries at all,meet at corio caltex,see you all there.
  17. Yep, looks good (weather permitting). I'll be on new tyres, so this should be a good run to get used to them.

    GOR is good, but it would be great if someone (Roarin, Skuffy?) could take us through the Otways - those roads are GREAT!
  18. We could always go up through Skene's Creek, that's a nice twisty little road :grin:
  19. Hi guys, hopfully if my bikes back on the road I might be in on this. been having withdrawl symtoms for the GOR, even if did own me few weeks back. :( :cool:
  20. Hi snowball .... :grin:

    GOR is right on my door step ... so love to join in and hook up with Netrider company to Apollo Bay - that would be fun.

    Actually I did that ride last weekend ....

    Are you passing through to the GOR via Anglesea Road or Surfcoast Highway (via Grovedale etc.)? Sussing out the best spot to meet up with you all.

    V8 :grin:
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