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[VIC] GOR ride, Mon Aug 7th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Katherine

    The weather forecast for Monday is looking great so I'm planning a little trip down the GOR for some twisties and great ocean views (hopefully without the usual 3,001 tourists). Ride classification is Class 3.

    The ride will go through Geelong, to L...

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  2. Katherine needs a spell check; Apollo Bay (not Appolo... unless it's a new destination! :grin:).

    Hmmm.... what time you reckon we'll be back?
    I'm 'meant' to be back in the CBD by 6'ish.

    Just read your other thread about the ETA return time so i'm down as a maybe at this point. I do have work to do, but if the skies are blue then i'll likely be there.

    edity edit:
    Woohoo, just got a clear pass from uni with classes cancelled for that day! Now just to rope in a few other people and should be a great day! Now for the dilemma... do i hit the spurs on the Sunday aswell? :grin:
  3. I tried to change a calendar entry once and it disappeared for days. Not doing that again so we're just going to have to find an "Appolo Bay" down that way now. :p :wink:

    We should be back by 6pm no problem. I did this same ride a month ago and was home by 5pm. I didn't do laps of the Lorne-Apollo Bay bit but it was really cold so I took long breaks to warm up a coule of times. Personally I don't want to be riding for longer than 9-6, that's a pretty big day.
  4. Have to Bail on the Idea as much as i want to go because someone else in the team has already booked the time off [img:21:16:efd61256ba]http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/5167/bawlingdk6.gif[/img:efd61256ba]
  5. Yep, a hookup point & a time for Geelong would be excellent Kath. Definately feeling sick on Monday :LOL: :LOL:
  6. How about the Caltex on the left as you enter Geelong? Feel free to suggest somewhere else if that's not convenient for you.

    See you there :grin:
  7. That's cool, what time? How long will it take you guys to get there?

    I will be turning around/off at Lorne as I have to pick-up kids from school, so I may go home via Deans Marsh if anyone else wants to be home a bit earlier?

    p.s. I may ride a fast bike, but I'm still a pussy of a rider! :oops:
  8. I think we should reach Geelong at about 9:50am.

    And don't worry, I figure it's a ride at your owm pace kind-of day. I'm not fast either :grin:
  9. Oh man I should have done that instead of asking for leave that could be regected [img:21:16:2d5fcdd7d3]http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/5167/bawlingdk6.gif[/img:2d5fcdd7d3]
  10. OK I will be at Caltex between 9:30-9:45am.

    Can't wait! :dance:
  11. Dacs and I were out that way today, there's a couple of rock falls as you get close to Wye River, and if your going past Apollo Bay, there is a lot of leaf litter and bark in the middle of the road through the forest section.
    Other than that we had a great day, Plod was out in force, 2 mobile patrols on the way down between Anglesea and Apollo Bay, speed camera's parked this side of Apollo Bay, and between Queenscliff and Bells Beach turn off, and an unmarked black commodore lurking near Lorne.

    Sure makes a day interesting, have fun you'all,

    p.s the bloody ferry between Queenscliff and Sorento is getting expensive, $24 for bike and rider, but it still beats the boring ride from Berwick to Geelong.
  12. Weather looks too good to refuse a ride. Only challenge is to wake up early enough.. With luck, will see you all at the meet point before 9.
  13. In case you didn't see, I won't be riding here. Thinking about it, I couldn't have come anyway, I have physio on Mondays. Totally forgot because I was too excited about riding with your 675 :) I'll be thinking of you guys as I am doing my physio tomorrow!
  14. Im so jealous of you guys. wish i could have come down with something today!!
  15. I could have given you something, I've got this rotten cold ;-)
  16. I didnt take a lunch break today so ill just head out for a ride during the day tomorow if its nice ;)
  17. Well -what can I say. What an absolutely totally magnificent day. Superb. Brilliant. The weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. Not a breath of wind. Lazing in the sun at the pub in Apollo bay. Talking, eating, drinking & laughing. No one in any particular hurry to move. Totally relaxed. Where the only thing between us & home is 100 odd km's of prime twisties. Hardly any traffic. And only one solitary officer of the law to be spotted. The whole day :) :) Does life get any better than that?
    If this is what being crook is all about -then call me a hypocondriac :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. After walking in the door 15 minutes ago... im tempted to just do a copy/paste of Roarin's writeup, but i'll add my own $0.02; cider in hand and a bowl of chips to keep me going.

    Fantastic day, blue skies, mostly dry roads, and the Apollo Bay pub as a destination to spur me on... incase the twisties weren't enough! I had another stab at getting footage of the Lorne-Apollo Bay stretch on my phone but still having the same glitches unfortunately. I'll see how it came out anyway.
    I think the best bit today was discovering a new way to get from Geelong down to the GOR! Although i was convinced somewhere there's an alternate route for the Geelong Fwy that is blessed with smooth twisties and rolling hills.

    Thanks to Katherine for organising the escapade, and i hope everyone's got their medical certificates ready for work tomorrow. :grin:
  19. Yep, perfect. Weather couldnt be better (well, maybe a little warmer..). Had an absolute blast, notched up a few more km and had an absolute ball. Highlights include the tradey ute that decided to try and keep up with Koma back to Lorne, the Ducatisti who thought the whole road was a racetrack and used both lanes and the fantastic roast lamb from Apollo bay. After a 30 minute shower feeling is returning to the lower portions.. must do something about that concrete seat.