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[Vic] GOR Loop Ride Sun 13th Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by WiErD, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Event Calender

    Sorta Stole Urban's Post as a template, but heres the details.

    Meet: Shell Before the Westgate Bridge

    Time: 8.35am for 9.00am depart
    Route: Here is a Map Ignore the Colac Part we arent going that way..

    Head out the freeway to Geelong meet at Warn Ponds Complex (Bunnings, Super Cheap etc )

    then off to Winchelsea, Deans Marsh, Carlsisle River, Princetown, Apollo Bay, Lorne, Geelong and Return Home.

    As ive never been the Winch, Deans Carlisle River way im not sure how it will go. but we shall see which way the roads lead us :)

    I will be doing the GOR again from geelong to get home to Warrnambool.

    About 350K's from Geelong

    All Welcome.

  2. Was going to do very similar route this weekend, but going down to port campbell for a night, but alas, family commitments....

    Be careful through the Deans/winch bit especially in the forested sections I've encountered a lot of wildlife through there (and from the roadkill I see, others have not dodged as well as I), even worse at dawn/dusk. Otherwise, Deans has many a nice corner at the end closest to GOR, those yellow signs that say "40" actually mean "yeeehaaa, here we go again" :D
  3. I may just be able to join you guys on this one
  4. i might be able to make this one
  5. Bugger, would come but the V8 supercars are on. Got to see Ford kick some holden arse.
  6. Tentative yes from me on this one guys, if you can handle an eager newbie tagging along.

  7. figures!
  8. well i punctured a tyre today so looks like i wont be going to this, everyone can feel free to continue on if you like.

  9. Good to see you got (to a) home and that the tire shaving cream stuff held up :D
  10. My radiator shat today so I'm out too.