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[VIC] Goodbye Redwing Honda

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Miss_dj, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. After months of hearing rumours on the grape vine, as of last night Redwing Honda (heidelberg) confirmed they are now in liquidation and closing their doors... :(

    My minimal dealings with them have been very positive and it's always a sad day to see yet another business going under...

    With places like Peter Stevens holding the vast monopoly on the market, I hope the others can stay afloat...
  2. fcuk! I just had dealings with them and was looking forward to many more, shit shit and more shit.

    P.S PS I hope you follow suit, arseholes!
  3. Thats a shame. I was out that way looking at a a few bikes they had... If I had the money I would go back there now and buy a bike just in the hope that it would be enough to keep them going for a little longer. Always a shame to loose a good business. I hope they find enough to turn the business around.
  4. I’m getting my bike serviced there on Saturday, better give them a call.

    I loved have a Honda place just up the road.

    Shit on a stick.
  5. That sucks.

    It seems more and more smaller dealers are going out of business or getting bought out by larger dealers.

    I can't say I'm surprised though, most riders search for weeks for the cheapest price for a bike or some accessories (which normally means a big city dealer) and then wonder why the local guy (who was probably a bit dearer but actually cared) is closing shop.
  6. Honda parts are becoming harder to find around melbourne now...
  7. I knew they'd been struggling for a while as one of my best friends works there, but I didn't think it would come to this so quickly.

    It's such a shame because it means that yet again the big companies are getting a monopoly on the industry. I remember having discussions with the guys in the sales dept at redwing over a few beers one day about how PS was discounting bikes to ridiculously low prices (the 08 600RR as an example) and how they simply couldn't compete. They did say that it was only matter of time before he doors shut, but I thought they were just being doomsayers.

    Damn. :(
  8. Wow that sucks. Bought my bike from Redwing 3-4 months back and they have dealt with me fairly.

    Any recommendations as to where to go to get my bike serviced in that area now that can be trusted?
  9. Well it sounds like the service side of the business at redwing is fantastic, its the retail end they cannot compete with.

    Maybe there is an opprtunity for some of these smaller dealers to exit the sales side and form an uber service model.

    In my mind the aftermarket on continual servicing of bikes should be worth a lot more money than one off sales.

    Maybe the good people can give the big boys a run for their money in this respect.

    I know I would pay premium rates for skilled proffesional service (above the $110 an hour).
  10. So Johnny O's out of a job? :cry:

    And I wonder if I will get paid what they owe me? :evil:
  11. They are closing? :(

    They were always an easy supply for genuine new cibby parts (ebay).
    Now i'll have to go to my local dealer who'll probably charge me more and won't have it in stock.
  12. Johnny hasn't been there for quite a while now mate
  13. Yeh Mark, keep up :wink:

    I got out of there just in time :)
  14. it's a shame. Have bought a couple of bikes from them in the past and always happy with service. In current economic times it probably won't be the last small shop to close either :( . There's nothing like a recession to help get rid of the opposition. :evil:
    Personally i'm grateful for the small shops for their better service, attention to detail etc.
    And if you wanna know how good peter stevens service is, have a look at how many of their keyrings are on the wall at Mick Hones in Box Hill. :shock:
  15. I'm not at all surprised to hear it. They over-invested in a place that's run by an not very bright man. He flew off the handle at me recently because I was upset they'd scratched my bike when it was in for a service. This came just days after I'd been talking with him about buying a new bike. Needless to say I didn't buy my new bike from there. Stupid man.

    I sure hope someone else opens a bike shop in the area!
  16. hmmm they have my friends bike, they were meant to be giving a quote for repairs after he was hit a couple of weeks ago.
  17. Thanks for the warning........... :?

  18. Nope, not closing,............... closed. rang earlier today and doors were shut today not to re-open.

    So where's my money? Call the liquidators! :evil:

    Pisses me off that people like this are even allowed to operate a business. I took them on as a dealer only a matter of weeks ago, and there is no way known that he didn't already know then that the end was upon him. If anyone sees the guy, punch him in the face for me please! :mad:
  19. Mark I was going back there on Saturday, WAS being the operative word, to buy the generic sheets of Tech-Spec Ice.

    Expect a call soon dude. :cool:
  20. greensborough motorcycles in (i think) sherbourne rd have an excellent mechanic.