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[VIC] Good Dealer for Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by aussieak, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. So geting ready to get my 650 RL and I been to Peter Stevens and Brighton Kawasaki both having the bike around the same price. SO I guess there wont be much bargin hunting on this bike. My pick so far is Brighton with there free bike during service.

    So my question is who are the better dealers to deal with for newbi like me.

    Not worried about finance and I think I will get my gear where the specials are PS was offering 10% on non special's and Brighton 20% but had limited range. SO I guess I wil lbargin hunt around Ringwood for my gear.

    I am on the East side BTW
  2. for gear check out amx
  3. AMX ? please explain?
  4. I have brought bikes both at peter stevens and brighton
    i think that brighton has better after sale service, if you travel around all the PS stores youll find you will get diffent price
  5. I'd go Brighton I always get my bike serviced there, great bunch of guys and the loaner bike you get is a big plus.
  6. There's one in Dandenong as well. Just a few shops down from Peter Stevens. I ride past it every day.
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  9. @ OP

    I was in the same boat as you mate. Shopped around for the best price for a new Kwaka.

    Brighton couldn't match PS for price for me so PS come out on top and got the sale.

    Incidently, a mate of mine just very recently purchased a new Kwaka from Brighton and I would say the delivery time/service left a LOT to be desired.

    He waited for over 5 weeks for a bike which PS had FLOOR stock of! Not to mention that when Brighton were questioned they blamed poor delivery due to the earthquake in Japan - his bike comes from Thailand!

    On top of all that he paid at least $500 too much.

    That all said I do agree that Brighton are a good group of guys and are a family run business. I will more than likely have the new machine serviced and worked on by them.
  10. IMO buy it from where ever is cheapest/most convenient then strike up a relationship with a service center you like.
  11. ^^^ What he said
  12. give the new kawasaki shop in seaford a go.. they seemed like good enough blokes when i was in there last week.

    they are on the netrider home page, in the news section if you wanna know exactly where they are
  13. Thanks I will check them out. Hoping for a good deal since I decided to pay cash for the bike.