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VIC good cop story.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by slowmark, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. got pulled up by motorcycle cop in the inner city yesterday. He told me i'd been:
    overtaking on left.
    failure to indicate.
    and that's not to mention the defect book that he got out lol.(err, they're the standard mufflers officer.......)
    policeman was very polite and proceeded to tell me it's very dangerous riding in between cars, a few riders been seriously hurt lately. He checked my details(which aren't too flash lol) and told me to take it easy, slow down, make sure i do my headchecks(i would've ran into him unless i did a headcheck ha) and then let me go.
    The whole time he was very polite and after chatting with him you could tell he was a bona fide motorbike enthusiast.
    Just wanted to post this as a feelgood story, and that there are some friendly police out there doing good work everyday.

  2. the powerball draw is on tonight, isn't it?? :LOL:
  3. Lesson learnt then?

    Lucky dude.

    Stay upright

  4. I'm not sure about his recollection of riders being hurt whilst riding between cars, I call bullshit by the cop on that one.
  5. He may have been referring to the MC fatality on West Gate Fwy in Feb with a tip truck. At the time was reported he was lane splitting.
  6. That is not a "few seriously injured recently" that is a fatality when the poor sod rode in between 2 trucks.
    Not a common occurrence.
  7. How many rider down crashes on the freeways go unreported in the media as lane spliting though.
  8. That is my question, how many indeed?
  9. What's it matter? He let him go and he was heaps decent.

    Having a bad day smee?
  10. pay it forward
  11. Smee's got a point, how many people get wiped out splitting?? I split in bound and sometimes outbound depending on my mood, along with many other bikes with me. I see all sorts of splitting skill and speed, yet I haven't seen anyone get wiped out yet (excluding the ones I nearly take out who don't move the f--k over!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: ). Chances are though, it'll be me...
  12. I've heard a few stories of fatalities and injuries whilst splitting. either or, i don't think the post was meant to flame at the cops correct or incorrect info. he was very decent!
  13. Bad day?
    wtf are you on?
    I'm trying to ascertain certain facts because unlike you numpties up North we as motorcyclists are persecuted relentlessly with false agendas and outright lies here in Vic.
    The cop lied to the OP as the agenda is to stop us filtering, so I want facts not just hearsay.
    It has nothing to do with my "mood"](*,)
  14. .......but if anyone is wondering Smee is in a horny mood today. He was doing wheelie's all the way to work, then pulled a sickie and went to see his missus at work for a quicky x 5.

    Told ya them tablets would help mate... :D

  15. LOL I wish!!!!
  16. Lol, only Victorians get hassled.

    They do it everywhere, and riders in the city cop way less shit than those in the country.

    Try riding in Bathurst for a week mate.
  17. i've never had any problems with motorbike cops... they have a sound understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it... if one was to lecture me i'd listen to his advice and take it on board.
    getting pulled over by a cop who drives a car and has no knowledge or understanding of riding is completely different... then i have a problem with any lecture or advice.
  18. oh for FUKS sake the cop LIED I want facts and figures to prove he LIED.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Didn't the Hurt Report study splitting vs stopping, and discovered that the odds of getting rammed from behind and seriously injured/killed were statistically higher than splitting, based upon analysis of motorcycle accidents?

    That's really the rub, isn't it? A 30kph rear ender on another car just means that people get out, exchange details, and off they go.

    A 30kph rear ender with car vs bike ends up with the rider crushed between two cars, or under the car that hit him from behind.

    So, my take on it is that yeah, the cops don't want us to split because some people get hurt when they do. The side effect is that if every rider stops splitting, riders will get hurt when people ram them from behind.

    In other words, DO NOT INSULT US by telling us that it's any safer to not split/filter.