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[Vic] Going for L's in about 8 hours... any tips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grunge, May 21, 2006.

  1. Getting highly nervous about my L's that's due to happen in about 8 hours.
    Any tips, especially for the written exam?

    If I fail this, that means I can't pick up my bike tommorrow. :-(

    ugh.... *nerves*
  2. Umm, how bout just get some rest! Youll be fine :)
  3. yeh number 1 tip! get some sleep cause its a long boring day :LOL:
  4. Dont drop the bike! Ride in a straight line!
  5. Yeah, going to bed would be a good start.

    If you haven't prepared at all for the test before this .....

  6. you willl be fine , get the balance listern , if you need help ask the instructor pretty simple if u have a good teacher
  7. yep plenty of sleep... if you've read the book and listened to your instructors you should have your licence by the arvo...

    good luck :cool:
  8. when i did it the instructor was very helpful with the written test.. if i didnt know the answer he would as best as he can tell which one wasnt the right answer :grin: :grin:
    so ask as many question as possible
  9. Good luck Grunge!!! :) :)
  10. Hopefully you have had some sleep....
    Relax. Depending on which course you do, you will have plenty of practice at doing the things you need to do for the test.
    Good luck
  11. Grunge, did you go through HART or RIDE-TEK??

    Hope you're going ok (presuming that you're there now...) hope it's good news from you this afternoon :grin:
  12. by the time you catch this post, hopefully your a bonafide rider, welcome to the fun - if not book it again. It is easier the second time because you've already been on the low end of the test - speaking from personal experience -i'm a testophobe - took me twice on L's and licence.
  13. I PASSED!!!! Phew!
    So yeah.... I went through Motorcycle Training Academy... I'm happy.. now to go and pick up my ZX250.
  14. Congratulations Grunge :)
  15. congrats man! welcome to the fold. keep it rubber side downand enjoy the feeling.
  16. Hey, good news and congrats on your study and effort. Now when someone asks what to do before a test, you can wisely intone; "get some sleep"!
  17. Thanks everyone!! I just picked up my ZXR250 tonite too!!
    What a first ride, in the rain at night.
    Had the g/f be rear guard for me with her cage, just in case (becoz I knew I was going to go slow)
    Apparently I was going pretty slow until near the end. (Was going like at 40 for the first 1/4 of the journey back home in a 60 zone, went on the speed limit for the next 2/4 and then started speeding up at the end.)
    Also apparently I almost got wiped by a reckless @$$hole in a beemer, coz they tried to overtake the g/f not realizing I was in front of her. I missed all of that trying to focus on riding stright and on the speed limit... man.. I guess I'll need more work. =P
  18. riding with a firend or in a group, especially with more experienced riders can do wonders for your riding and confidence.

    My first ride was in the rain, with a flat battery. Learn't pretty quick how to roll start the thing!!

    congrats, ride safely and enjoy!!!