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[VIC] Girls Track Day #2, Sun Aug 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: smack

    WHAT - Track Day
    HOST - The Honda Rider’s Club of Aust.
    WHERE - Broadford Race Way

    Mixed Groups (Ride with the boys if you’re game) All Road Reg Bikes & non Members Welcome. No track experience requir...

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  2. Ive never done a track day before but would love to. What level must you be at to give this one a go??? I have no prior experience belting it up around corners and have been riding for only 10 months. Am I being too optimistic?
  3. I heard about this the other day. Would love to have a go , but would rather spend the day with Shaun as its his birthday. Next time. I heard only 6 girls did the last one, so that would be great to have so few people on the track again.
  4. Sounds great! I'd love to try Broadford
    Any idea how much it costs?
  5. Can the fine print of the day be displayed please, as in what riding gear do u need to have..... leathers etc, and are there regulations on what bike one rides if one is still on restrictions?

    If any of these answers can be provided and I fit the criteria ok, count me in :grin:
  6. As with all tracks, I would say that you def need full ( or zip together ) leathers. Also I think for this day , bikes need to be registered. Dont know about licence check though. Mind you they do have 2007 models to test ride there and you def need to show licence for that.
  7. It's an HRCA day. Your bike must be road legal and registered. You must have a licence for it (and I believe it must be a full licence). You must have full leathers.

    Entries here

    Why this comment from the calendar entry?

    Gender is not an indicator of capability.

    HRCA days are the best introduction to track days. I seriously doubt the need for female only sessions, but either way, the HRCA days are incredibly well organised, zero pressure days. All the crew are great, the marshals (of either gender) enforce the rules without exception.
  8. I am sooooo up for this!!!! :twisted:

    Also, i might be having a blind moment, but where are the cost details?

    Cheers :p
  9. Jamie, Broadford, as a circuit, is a much better place to have your first track day anyway, especially on the Hyosung. It's a tight, technical circuit, but you don't need massive horsepower to have fun.

    Don't limit yourself to just these sessions though, for $30 less you can ride with Champions on the 16th Sept, 10th Nov and 8th December. Champions have 3 ride groups. For beginners they offer the slow group, which is strictly marshalled. Overtaking in this group is limited to outside passes with heaps of room. There are all types there, but with the one common factor that everyone wants to have fun. There are always other Netriders going up, so don't be concerned or nervous about doing your first track day on your own.
  10. Because that's exactly what is says on the info forms Honda have sent out to us chick riders! :wink:

    Shame I won't be in melb. with my bike until the week after....... :evil:
  11. This sounds heaps of fun.
    They say "all abilities" but does this include someone who's just hit the 3 months of riding mark?? (woo I lost the L plate last night, and the ride in this morning along the nepean was awesome, lane splitting with about 5 other bikes in the glorious sunshine :) )
    Second question is, can you hire leather pants at the racetrack?
  12. Oh :( Entries closed yesterday.
    I am sure there will be another.
  13. The entry form doesn't say that...Obviously you have their magazine. If so, how unbelievably patronising. I'm quite disappointed if that's the case.

    All levels means all levels.

    As for the closing date, give the team at HRCA a call 0n 03 5952 5032. If there are spots available they will try to fit you in. The team there are incredibly helpful and want nothing more than to help.

  14. I think I know what info I have been sent. It's not in their magazine, as i clearly said before, it's in the info sheets,Honda sent to me WITH the entry form, not ON the entry form
  15. I wasn't doubting your information. Regardless, it's patronising in the extreme. Of all the girls I ride with, I haven't found one were their gender made a difference to their riding. You either ride fast, slow or medium. You are either a danger to yourself or you're not.
  16. Because it was a direct cut and paste from the official website. If you'd like to sue them over gender discrimination, go right ahead.

    I think it's a good idea to have sessions that are just for girls, as this isn't a balls and all track day. Next you'll be suggesting that A B and C grade riders should be in the same group on the track!
  17. Geeezus, I was asking why that piece of information, as it isn't on the HRCA website, their events list or their entry form. It was a legitimate query, not a personal attack.

    BTW, have you ever attended an HRCA day? If you had, you'd understand their organisation, how seriously they take everyones safety, how they go to great lengths to ensure that everyone has an awesome day. They intentionally don't grade groups, they make everyone obey their rules. They are not Phillip Island Ride Days. They do not encourage testosterone fuelled racing duels.
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  19. Calm down CJ ,mate.....
    We are only stating what is written on the Honda info sent out.
    What difference does it make if we have attended a HRCA day or not?
    I assume the info sheets sent to me, were also sent out other chicks who own or are in the Honda riders club.
    I can send you a copy of what they sent me if you like, or you could ask Jo to verify, but it is clearly there. :roll:
    If it gives more girls the confidence to enjoy a day on the track, then I'm all for it.

    I haven't taken offence to the statement, why should you?
  20. Well l originally posted this thread but it was taken down for some stupid reason, but anyway just so you know girls l was one of the 6 girls that did this track day last time

    It is an absolute blast, let me tell you!!. It doesnt matter if your a new rider or an experienced rider...you can ride at your own pace, and believe me there is plenty of track to ride on without being bothered by any other rider.

    The girls sessions are just that...girls only sessions..no guys can ride in the girls session

    If you feel up to it you can join in on any of the guys sessions if you want to.

    I have no doubt you will still be able to book in for this as there was only 6 girls last time, so give them a call.

    I havent booked as yet, but if its still ok, l will definately be doing this again

    Danielle you cannot hire leathers at this track day, so if you dont have any...best to borrow a set of someone if possible, and just check in regards to having L's as well

    If any of you girls are thinking of doing this...then believe me you will love it. There was a girl who was going around the track at cruising pace and she didnt give a toss, cause she was there to enjoy the day..and she did just that, so give it a go...its the best day of riding. :)

    Its to late tonight, but l will post up some pics of the last track day to show you girls what fun it is