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[VIC] Gippy ride, Sun Dec 9th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Andrew

    Yes I know it's the toy run but does anyone else find that boring as bat shit. Or watching grass grow? Or even paint drying?
    Well, I had such a marvelous time riding through the general Gippsland area on the way back from Bright the other weekend I t...

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  2. Hmmm. I have to write something in here otherwise with no replies it looks like I have no friends & no one wants to ride with me. So let me set the record straight.
    Well I had TWO people turn up for the ride I posted. WORLD RECORD. For me anyway. It's actually the first time ANYONE has turned up for a ride I have posted on Netrider. WOO HOO :LOL: :LOL:
    So for this momentous occasion I suppose I should give a bit of a ride report.
    We did lots & lots of Kms. We rode really fast. At times. We found lots & lots of corners. We had lunch -when we got hungry. It rained. Twice. We got wet. Until we decided to stop & put on our wet weather gear. Then the rain stopped. Immediately. As if you would expect anything different.
    We ended up at Port Albert (nothing to do with Prince Albert) just out of Yarram. Cam showed me some new roads on the way back home. COOL. So now I know a better way to get home from Licola. Which I will be doing a bit of a ride to sometime in the next few weeks. So keep a lookout. 'Cause I might even post it up in here & see if I can break my own personal best for riders attending & not falling off even though we ride really fast world record. I hope :wink:

    PS At no time did we break any road rules or exceed the speed limit by an unreasonable margin. I only said that we rode fast 'cause I don't want to look like a safety nerd. Cheers Andrew. See you on my next ride
  3. Good to hear that you had a good run. Did you have fish and chips at the shop on the jetty area?

    Which way did you go home that was a good alternative to your normal Licola run?
  4. lol.
    i saw this autopost from the calendar, it was posted at 10:56am or something.... the metting time was 9:30am :LOL:

    good to hear u had a good day :grin: i was a lil tired from the whole week, and a fair decent ride on saturday with znark900, so i decided to give this a miss and head into the toy run, ive never been before.
    probably would have just slowed u guys down anyway. im not that bad, just my speeding abilities are fairly limited on the 250 :p
    i might join you another time if your willing to put up with me.
    oh an congrats! you had 200% of the turnout i got on saturday... 1 person! actually no-one to begin with lol, znark joined me part the way through :LOL:

    take it easy!
  5. glad you got to go for a spin mate.....i spent the last to days sitting round a camp fire pissed off my head :LOL: will hopefully join you for the next one :)
  6. From Taralgon we came back through Tyers, Yallourn Nth, then some road I can't remember the name of but crosses the Willow grove road, Neerim sth road & goes through Narracan, Jindivick & comes out about 20kms east of Packenham. Heaps more fun than the freeway & it would be quite possible to stretch the throttle cable just a bit without too much fear of reprisal from the officers of the law. Not that I would actually endorse or engage in any such behaviour mind you. 'Cause we all know that speed kills & wipe off 5 & you will be as safe being wrapped in cotton wool in your bed :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. That would be the Icy Creek Road which intersects with the Mt Baw Baw - Noojee Road. From there to Noojee, up to Neerim South, then west to Jindivick. Nice road the Jindivick one, if a tad narrow and rough in spots.

    If I wasn't working Sunday I might've gone for a spin with you guys. It certainly wasn't a bad day. Oh, we had the Traralgon Cup. What a day that was, according to the lads that went. We had a marquee sponsored by our work social club and the company. But, while they were oggling the "eye candy" of which there was heaps, I was stuck with working.

    It's always the case, being a shiftworker...