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[VIC] Gippy Coffee/Ride/BBQ, Sat Feb 17th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Cruisingal

    Back due to popular demand, there will be another Learner ride day on.

    At this stage the meet point will be at Yarragon Bakery, but depending on numbers from Melbourne and South Gippy we will consider an alternative meet point that would be more cen...

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  2. At the moment you can count me in
    Happy to lead or be TEC or even corner mark :grin:
  3. :woot: I'm in.

    The last Gippy ride was a major success. :grin: Looking forward to this one. :grin:

    Hope to see some learners there as well. :)

  4. Okay, since we were only expecting about a dozen riders last time (not 37 :shock: ) we may run two groups, that is, a slower and a faster paced one.

    Please keep in mind we are having this ride to encourage the learners, those that haven't ridden in large groups before, recent upgrades etc.

    Our first priority will be for these riders.

    The more experienced riders are free to head off first to do their own thing if they prefer. We don't want to be scaring those that are less confident :wink: Dependant on numbers, we may run two groups.

    We will need leader, TEC and corners will be marked with two riders (one to go forward and one to go back if necessary).

    As hands go up for this ride I will update the list.

    Learners are encouraged to come.

    Woodsy - Leader or TEC
    The Brick - Volunteer Leader or TEC
    Cruisingal + ? TEC
    Mikek -Volunteer something
    Rosie V7
    Bundy Girl + 1
    Dr Who
    Springtime TBC
    Wot The + 2
    Denn TBC
    Brionnach + 1
    I'm on it
    Barn/Liz - pick up at Korumburra
    Fuzzy - just visiting :wink:
  5. I'm in. Was going to Tintaldra and Merimbula that weekend but plans have changed.
  6. Glad your plans have changed MJT :grin:
  7. Only cos we bought a house. Saving all our spare cash for incidentals. Stamp Duty alone is around $9k. The missus would skin me alive if I pissed off for 3 days ridin', boozin' and horin' around NE Vic/SE NSW...

    (anyway, no-one's going. When I put out the note for the ride, only 2 guys responded).
  8. Love to join in ,but won't be home from tassie till 8-9pm.
    There is always next time :grin:

    Hey Rosie, how many Kms will you have under your belt since the last gippy ride? :grin:
  9. Buludy guvment know how to make money for nothing, don't they? :evil:

    If last Gippy ride is anything to go by, there will still be plenty of ridin' and boozin' to be done. (Not even gunna mention the horin' :LOL: )

    Well, I think we will forgive you this time Jafu, but only the once...there's always the following month
    :wink: :grin:
  10. I've done a few k's. ;) 1500!!! :grin: Ooops..left a zero off. ;) :grin:

    When are you heading off? :woot: You must be excited! Savour every second of it Jafu. :) It's the best. :)
  11. Wow. Keep that up and you'll overtake my accumulated total in no time. And I've been riding since, well, you know the guy who put together a floating zoo way back when....
  12. Yep, it sure does. At least I can rest assured that the dough will help fund Bracks' helicopter commuting.

    Er, why not? It deserves its share of the fun...

    I might be able to make it to tbe barby too. Will see how things go on the day. Get Frendo and Borgy around for an ale or two, too...
  13. Speaking of Gippy Rides, I might be zipping over to the Island on Sunday with a coupla mates to watch the Island Classic.

    If I go anyone else from here want to tag along?
  14. Andrew will be coming, and will be in touch with Borgy...maybe Frendo can be pillion b*tch :LOL:
  15. Gippsland Ride.

    Hi, i'm a newby and would like to go on a group ride. Have been resrticted to short rides with my husband because of kids and work.Need to try and wangle a day off work though! :roll:
  16. Was going to Powlett Inlet that w'end, might have to change it to the following one. I cant miss an opportunity for a food fight again....even if it is with myself....throw a few speakers around......dribble black stuff :roll:. Can't believe yooz are doing this again, um, I am invited aren't I? Pleeeeeezzzeeeee :grin: I'll behave myself this time :angel: :---)
  17. Re: Gippsland Ride.

    Hiya Bundy Girl, welcome to Netrider and the world of bikes :grin:

    We have a regular on here that is particularly fond of the stuff too, so you should get along...dont we Rosie? :LOL:

    You would be heartily welcomed if you would like to join in the ride.

    We can organise to meet you in Traralgon or Morwell if you like so you don't have to roll up to a group and don't know anyone.
  18. There's no show with only Hardy, we need Laurel as well :rofl:

    You're free entertainment, of course you are invited :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Hey Bundy girl! Great name ;) Hope to see you on this ride. :)

    Speed said:

    :LOL: I forgot about the food! As for the speaker - :LOL: I've a hazy memory of that. :shock: Dribbling black stuff? Oh boy. I'm laying off the alcohol this time - miss too much weird stuff! :LOL:

    Umm..yeah...forget Powlett...it'll always be there the following weekend - a Gippy ride/bbq comes around once in a blue moon and is definitely not to be missed. :twisted: .... :( Plus it's heaps fun with you there. :grin:
  20. G'day everyone,.....

    Sounds good,.....can I come?
    I'm quiet,......well behaved,....Um,.....
    I spend my time polishing my bike and watching Sci-fi.....
    So I'm a normal stable type of person!!!!
    :---) :---) :---) :---)

    Dr Who?