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[VIC] Gippy Chrissy Spit, Sat Dec 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Cruisingal

    Meet point at Yarragon Bakery (again) at 12 noon.

    Ride to be decided over lunch/coffee then after ride head to Tanjil South for a Christmas Spit.

    Facilities outside include Bar, Pool and lemon tree and plenty of sleeping space if needed.

    We c...

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  2. I'll definately be there for this, can you save me some space on the floor to crash? :)
  3. Definitely Mike! If you want comfort, there is a six berth camper, or if you are in no condition to care there is five acres, a bar or a house to lay down somewhere. :LOL:
  4. i would love to join you for the ride and spit but just can't really plan anything, until the day...... can you list me as a possible maybe :?

    Cheers stewy
  5. Tis the Season....

    I will update this list as hands go up.


    Cruisingal + Andrew

    To Be Confirmed:

  6. Would love to come but the Peninsula Toy Run is on that day, depends when we leave there bec my GF has had a big role in the lead-up and promotion of it, and will wanna savour her hard work :)
  7. I'd imagine i'll probably in the "no condition to care" category knowing what I'm like... :)
  8. drinkiepoos

    Well seeing as my name is there..........uhuh, I'll be coming! I would like comfort accomodation plz :grin: Does that come with brekky in bed?
  9. Re: drinkiepoos

    Depends how nice you are to me the night before :bannanabutt:
  10. Re: drinkiepoos

    :rofl: :-#
  11. :LOL: at Woodsy.

    Still seeing if I can make this. Can I let you know early next week?

  12. No worries Rosie, that's fine.
  13. Geez, that was quick off the mark... I had so much fun on Sunday that I think you can count me in for this one :grin:
  14. Yeah Fuzz, once I sat down and at looked at the calendar, there was only this and one other day, but Speed wasn't free on that weekend, so this is the only free Saturday left before christmas :?

    Welcome along :grin:
  15. Re: drinkiepoos

    I actually had soooo many things to reply to that one..........but I'm sure the moderators will delete nearly all of it!
    Sooo, I'll just say...Woodsy! :shock: :oops: :roll: :) :grin: :LOL:
    (that first emoticon is not a result of yours either)
    hahahahahaheheheheheheheha.............omg I crack myself up.
    Ok, I'll shut up now.
    Hey cruisingal.......thats nearly as good as your vision of 2 planes.
    Think the drugs have kicked in, I betta go to bed.
  16. Re: drinkiepoos

  17. Hmmm, this sounds like it could be fun :grin:

    Can you put me down as a maybe for this please. :)
    I'll confirm next week, after I have my harem try out session this weekend at TV, I'll even wear my belly dancing outfit :rofl:
  18. YEAH BABY :)
  19. Thats fine Caz, but please don't encourage the prince :LOL:
  20. +1 if the calander is not 2 busy i will definately be there