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[VIC] Gippsland Spanner Day, Sat May 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Woodsy

    For all those who want to learn how to perform a basic service and maintain their bike, we are holding a Spanner Day in Drouin.

    You will need to bring an oil filter and oil for your bike, or alternatively, email me with your bike make, model and ye...

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  2. Venue will be in Drouin, on a saturday 26/5 we'll have qualified mechanics to help out but YOU will be the one doing the work.
    Rods adress 2 Hunter close Drouin
    It will cover BASIC type stuff (BYO parts):
    Oil and filter change
    Checking/replacing air filters
    Chain tension
    Wheres my fuses
    Changing a globe
    Draining a carby
    what ever other 'basic' stuff we can fit in.

    You will need to bring an oil filter and oil for your bike, or alternatively, email me Crusingal (lianneg5@bigpond.com) with your bike make, model and year and I can get one for you.

    We're looking into prices on buying oil in bulk.

    If you would like to use the oil we get, can you post up so we can determine how many drums we will need?

    The start time has yet to be confirmed with the venue owner, so will advise as soon as we know.
  3. The list.
    Rod (venue owner and mechanic)
    Woodsy (helperouterer)
    Mr Crusingal (mechanic)
    FALCON-LORD (maybe)
    Dr Who
    mrx78u (maybe)
    JAFU (helperouterer)
    Hopper (maybe)

    Naughty corner
    Crusingal (Naughty corner Supervisor)
    Speed (chief drinker go getterer)
    Undi (because he wants to be a pain aparently :p )
    Stewy (just to catch up ‘cause he can)
    MikeK (asistant drink go getterer and dog lover)
    Rosie V7 (oficial Pirate language consultant)
  4. should be ok...will check the calendar.

    Qualified Mechanics you say...... :grin:

    lets hope i can sort out my engine trouble by then or it's going to be a tiring ride!!! :?

    any word on cost for the day?? apart from the filter..CG gave me that info already.
  5. kick in a few bucks for the BBQ is all + the oil, filter etc.
  6. Count me in Woodsey, I'll help if I can,
    I think I know which end of a spanner is which
  7. been a while since last bbq :grin:
  8. I'll be there. Looking forward to getting dirty and greasy ... :cool:

    ps..can't speak for Rod, but Mr Cruisingal is the best life-savingest 'she'll be right Rosie' mechanic I know :grin:
  9. Is there enough space for bystanders to pop over? Wouldn't mind coming over to introduce myself + meet some people. I'm slowly getting motivation again to do social stuff again but I can't make a definite yes or no depending on the day. I still am controlled by the pain level when I wake up. Good days or Bad days basically. It's no use (and stupid actually) to ride when it feels like your arm is getting stabbed by a knife while simulataneusly being struck by lightning bolts :shock: If there isn't enough room, the question already is answered for me :LOL: In the situation that there is room, I'd like to say I'm a maybe :grin: Sorry if it's been mentoned before, pretty worn out and really cbf reading everything in this thread atm, sorry! :?
  10. Undii, if you feel up to it, I personally would love for you to come. :cool:

    We can sit in the corner and supervise the going ons :wink: :grin:

  11. Sounds de-lish! :) Let's hope my am is up to that day (and must say, I've been having more up days than down days of late :grin: )
  12. I might have to come down and help with any alcohol drinking going on. I could probably even lend a with the spanners as well.
    If anyones interested in a bit of a group ride down to Drouin from Melbourne let me know and we can organise something, maybe out via Gembrook, Powelltown, Neerim South, etc
  13. I'm up for that, Mikek!
  14. As long as you wait for me to get there 1st :grin:
  15. Ah beauty. This alone will be worth its weight in Blackbirds. I'll come along for this one alone...
  16. Interesting...

    I'd love to! If someone wants to ride out there with me, because I will get lost.
  17. Ok Peeps, the oil i'll be getting is Shell Advance VSX4 it'll come in at about $6 - $7.50 per liter.

    If anybody wants to use this oil please PM me with the oil volume of your bike.

    If you want to use a diferent oil please make your own arangements.

    The blurb:
    A fully synthetic, 15W-50, 4-stroke super high performance engine oil recommended for modern, air and water-cooled bikes. Shell Advance VSX4 is formulated with Shell's unique XHVI synthetic fluid renowned for maintaining an optimum lubricant film under extreme pressures and ensuring superior engine cleanliness, thereby extending your bike engine's life. Shell Advance VSX4 exceeds the latest JASO (MA) friction test for wet clutches.
  18. If I am going, follow me :) I have a GPS on my bike and we're close to each other. Also, I am currently (literally!) uploading the 2007 Australia map update to it. So if the place happens to be in a new area/estate, there's only a slim chance we won't be able to find it. Soon as I know the address, I'll enter it on the GPS just to make sure it knows the address :grin:

  19. o0o0o0o... That sounds exciting.. Or something. Cool. I'm in then!
  20. chani and undii i might tag along with you as i live between both of you and have a poor arse sense of direction... "what you mean this is bendigo i was heading east? " :LOL: