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[VIC] Gippsland Ride, Sun Feb 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by gsxr1000, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Sun Feb 25th, 2007
    [VIC] Gippsland Ride
    Ride Class: 4 Experienced

    Meet Point: Maccas at Cranbourne (cnr Camms Rd and Sth Gippsland Hwy)
    Meet Time: 9:30am
    Departure Time: 9:40am

    Planned Route:
    make our way to Korumburra, then head to Leongatha then to Mirbo Nth, then through Thorpdale to Moe for fuel, then a beeline to Noojee to loop back around
  2. Sounds good, most likely will be able to attend Just one question...
    Would I be considered experience or too slow?? :)
  3. I believe you ride a gixxer750, so you should be OK... :wink:
  4. Think im rated as experience class 3.99 so i'll see if i can keep up with ya's

    Sounds like a good round trip with plenty of good roads once we get down to Lang Lang Very Happy

    Cheers ratty

  5. Too slow, stay home & dont hold everybody up :LOL:

    Hakin :wink:
  6. Dude DONT even think of turning up , it's a class 4 ride not a 3.99.
    Just stay home....

    Hakin :wink:
  7. I cant decide whether to come out and play or not,
    I'm a 3.99 at the moment. New hoops were put on yesterday, and I've got to play around with suspension settings, so i'm a little slow in the turns.
    This one sounds like there wont be too many stops for me to catch up if i'm holding back.
    Quite happy to sit it out if anyone thinks i should. (it will give me a chance to set the bike up)

  8. Mate i dont think its cutting laps around the island here. :LOL: Go take the new beast out and have some fun. :twisted: Suspension will be fine for our lovely rds.. :grin:
  9. Thanks Paul for the encouragement, I'm in.
    just have to make it to the start in time now. :LOL:

  10. Go for it buddy. Have a good one and take care. :grin:
  11. Great day.
    I'm completely pooped and smilin', so that's a good sign.
    It was brilliant to venture out further on the bigger bike and not feel like i was ringing it's neck the whole time.
    I have no idea how many k's we did, but i got to see some of the roads i'd only heard about.

    Thanks everyone for being great company and good tour guides.

  12. What a day.....thks to everyone that came.....
    Meeting Point was Cranbourne (maccas)... We headed down the Gipppsland Hwy to Lang Lang then headed inland to Poowog then onto Korumburra, Leongatha, Mirboo Nth....and in between Leongatha and Mirboo Nth we had a talk with Mr Plod about speed....umm.. :shock:
    after having a drink stop at Mirboo Nth we headed for Thorpdale then onto Trafalgar where we stopped for petrol....crossed the hwy and went on to Willow Grove then Noojee (via Icy Creek Rd), had lunch at The "waiting game" Shed at Noojee....left there and went on to Powelltown, Yarra Junction then Launching Place then Healesville. Went and said hello to Ray at the Roadhouse (Narbethong) :dance: and after a few laughs we headed back to Healesville then home via Worri Yallock/Cockatoo Rd....
  13. Sounds like you racked up a few kays on mostly great roads, too.

    What was the outcome of your brush with the law?
  14. We all got wrist slapped, and sent on our way.
    He was a nice bloke, not too gung-ho.

  15. Glad you got a good one :cool:
  16. Sorry couldn't make this ride had too much to do :cry:
    But I guess 3 days riding down to the Island for
    the superbikes will make up for it :grin: :grin:

    So how many turned up for the ride??

    Hakin :wink:
  17. I agree with everything you just said.. :wink:
  18. +1
    I agree with everything you just said..... :grin:


  19. we missed you...... :rofl:

    heaps turned up ride.....I lost count.. :wink:
  20. Bah. So you guys finally got to do this? I was otherwise occupied. Glad y'all had a good one.

    Scheff, bring that back around to my house as soon as we're both free, and we'll sort that suspension out. Still, it's not slowing you down much, but I think you'll be surprised how it'll feel once sorted.

    Where I am now, it's winter, raining, with snow on the hills. :mad: