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[VIC] Gippsland Ride, Sun Dec 17th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Stew

    Weather's looking to be good on Sunday. Planned route is to head towards Boolarra by utilising every sealed winding road available.

    Meet Point: Rowville, Mobil Servo, Cnr. Wellington and Stud Roads
    Meet Time: 9:30am
    Departure Time: 9:45am


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  2. Uh, Stew is me, Cathar.
  3. I'll do my best, but not sure if I can make it yet. Looks like a good one though. :)
  4. Ride is not close to any fire areas atm but would pay to keep an eye on updated reports!
  5. Hey Stew,

    Should be there on Sunday for the ride... I'll be at the start point before 9:30 if I can make it?!

    Hope the bushfires are under control by the weekend and not anywhere near where this ride is heading?!
  6. I planned this ride to give any bush-fires a fairly wide berth. The closest we'd get to any current bush-fire would be around 60kms from a fairly small one, and generally we'd be more like 100kms from the nearest major fire.

    Unless the bush-fires suddenly jump around 100kms from the alpine areas into south-western Gippsland, it's not going to be an issue. In fact by riding along the Black Spur you're substantially closer to any fires than we will be going on Sunday.
  7. Sounds like a good ride :grin: I'm only an outside chance to make it but I'll be there if I can.
  8. all things being well,
    i look forward to meeting everyone at the start point.
  9. Hey,

    Is there any chance of scoring a pillion ride with someone please? I've just got my L's, bought the gear and am starting to look around at bikes. Note that I haven't been a pillion before. I live around Camberwell, but I could catch the train to Clayton or somewhere to make it easier.

    I'm trying to get to the Christmas Lunch tomorrow, so I hope to see you there.

  10. Better check road closures as the Strzelecki Hwy near Mirboo Nth has been closed due to fires.

    road closure

    Edit to put link in
  11. Stew, i can't believe i missed this one. My tyres are shagged and i swore i wouldn't be riding any twisties until i've done something about it.

    But the call is getting stronger everyday.

    Start point is just up the road.....probably be hung over from xmas party.....shite tyres.......perfect weather for slicks........wonder if Urbans going?.......Haven't been for a ride for a while......been working hard......should probably get out and play.....should probably work on my bike.......should spend some time with the family.....need to ride.......alot.......hmmm......maybe.....

  12. Actually we won't be travelling on that section anyway, although where it is closed, we would be turning off at those intersections anyway.

    I'll continue to monitor the situation and will modify the route plan on the day and keep us all well away from any activity.
  13. I will try and make this ride, need to get a few k's up running in the R6, just hope the boss lets me. :)
  14. Would love to see that sweet R6 in action Steve.

    ...and Scheff, this is pretty much the last chance to go riding for the silly season hits. You gotta do it!
  15. do you have an approximate finish time?
  16. Okay, the road closures listed above by cruisingal are no longer in force. In fact, I can find no reason for why that section of road was closed, there are no fires near there. May have been a small local fire on the day, unrelated to the main fires.

    Rough (conservative) times:

    Rowville->Warragul: 9:45am, 138kms, ~2hrs travel, Lunch
    Warragul->Moe: Depart ~12:30-1pm, 152kms, ~2hrs travel, Break
    Moe->Woori Yallock: Depart ~3:30pm, 104kms, ~1.5hrs travel
    Ride End @ Woori Yallock: ~5pm

    If you wanted to leave direct from Moe, it's 1.5hrs from the city center at the speed limit and if you didn't stop to chat, you'd be back in the city by 4:30pm.
  17. See ya in the morning, Stew.
  18. Stew, I'm pretty bummed, the 'silly season' started for me last night.
    The boss put on an open bar at the xmas party last night.
    What can i say? I felt obliged.

    It's gunna be tough reading your ride report, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.
    Hope you're having a blast,
  19. Thanks heaps Stew, great ride, now the 400+k's and the R6 I think is now run-in. Now just gotta get use to the bike.
  20. Ride Report

    Well, that was a glorious day of riding! Absolute pearler. 20-27C temps, and dry. Perfect for riding. Only drawback was the soot/ash in the air, which after a long day of focusing on the road has caused me to have sore & itchy eyes. My little time-line schedule I planned out above proved to be bang on the money.

    Arrived at Rowville Mobil to find xxsteve (Steve) and Tenoq (Charles) already there, and carver (Karl sp?) shows up shortly after. Tenoq informs me that koma (Jason) is coming, just as soon as he can drag his sorry butt out of bed. We wait for 10 minutes past the due departure time for others to show up, in which time koma rolls up on his silver fizzer, but that'll be all. No matter though, a small group is easier to manage. A slight problem though, I left my map of our planned route at home so I'm going to have to play it from memory. :shock:

    Out through Emerald to Cockatoo, where we do the "triangle run" down to Pakenham Upper and back up to Gembrook. Make our way to Launching Place and Karl suggest a back way to Yarra Junction. I'm always keen to find new ways to bypass highways, and it's a great little diversion. Thanks Karl! On to Tarrango Road and through the glorious Powelltown road. Still some gravel on the left handers in the tight bits just after Powelltown, and then we're onto sweeper heaven, except heaven has been tainted! There's now some re-surfacing near the Nayook turn-off, with loose stones hiding in the new dark surface, along with a slightly grimy finish that doesn't grip well. Through one sweeper the rear wheel started to spin up and slide out at a moderate lean angle, and it was time to treat this new surface with kid gloves, at least until some rain and traffic scrub it in a little better.

    We turn off towards Warragul and up that lovely set of sweepers up the hill, only to find that too has been resurfaced. Denied! Worse, I could have sworn that my rear tyre was flat with the way that the rear end was squirreling about. On to Warragul for lunch, where Karl and Tenoq related having a similar sensation too (like a flat rear tyre) on that new road surface. It was just the slippery new road surface playing games. :evil: Fortunately this was to be the last we'd see of the new surfacing for the next 4 hours. :)

    Heading towards Korumburra now, and we turn off along Fairbank Rd (Arawata turn-off) and Tenoq and I start to really enjoy ourselves. What? Where'd he go? Oops! Seems Tenoq wanted to explore that little gravel road off the outside of the last sweeper. :oops: No harm done.

    We come to our only section of gravel for the day. 3.1kms of fairly decent packed dirt and gravel. Didn't stop koma from having a whinge though as if I had dragged him behind my bike across every stone along the way! C'mon mate. If it's joining 2 good bits of road, it's nothing! I think koma forgave me once he sampled what was on the other side, being the run into Mirboo North. What a blast!

    So far, so good. I'm hitting the planned route from memory pretty well, although matching what I saw on the map to what happens in reality is always interesting. At Mirboo North I'm unsure on which way to turn to get to Boolarra, so act on faith/instinct and managed to be heading in the right way to find a sign that confirmed that we were indeed headed in the right direction. The run into Boolarra is fantastic! The country-side is a lot browner than what PNUT's video of the area from even one month ago showed. When PNUT visited, the land-scape was green. Now it's brown. The road is a total joy though.

    Stop for a short drink and once again faced with a dilemma on which way to go. A short detour and we manage to find the road we want, even though there's no signs to really suggest that it was the correct road. Turned out that it was though. Phew! We take the loop through Boolarra South back to Mirboo North again, which is really a section of the Grand Ridge Road. Once again, lovely sweepers. A sign on the road-side warns of a traffic hazard ahead, and I round a corner to find someone who is backing into their driveway across both lanes of the road on a blind corner. Wow! I'm sure that wasn't the hazard that the sign was talking about, but then again, I saw nothing wrong with the road, so maybe this guy has done it before and some local wag has put the sign there. Served its purpose though! After we pass said fool, we're back into sweepers again the whole way into Mirboo North.

    I swear Mirboo North is like the hub of a radiating star of great roads. We head north east along the Strzlecki Hwy towards Morwell, and take the Thorpdale turnoff. Someone who either loves driving or riding a bike designed this short section from the highway into Thorpdale. Mid-way there's a near immaculately surfaced set of around 20 shallow sweeping flip-flop transitions all stacked one after the other. Flipping from side to side rapidly, this stretch absolutely shone!

    On through Thorpdale and to the Narracan turn-off, once again all great stuff, we head to Narracan and take the Moe turn-off on what is the Moe-Thorpdale road. I don't know why, but I absolutely loved this bit of road. It was narrow, no markings, but it was well surfaced without any real bumps and it just flowed and I lost myself in the moment just sweeping through the corners. Tenoq and koma asked at the end if I saw the errant car. I'm sure it just registered to me as a momentary moving chicane that had to be dismissed out of hand to get back into the rhythm again. I had barely noticed it, even though it had been half-way in my lane.

    We re-fuel bikes and bodies at Moe, and Steve decides to head home via the direct route. The rest of us head on through Willow Grove/Hill End/Icy Creek and Noojee. The road between Hill End and Icy Creek is very tight and technical, but coming down it from Hill End towards Icy Creek/Noojee I find is much easier as you can see further since it's going downhill slightly, even though you've got the hill-side to the left making every left-hander blind. The left-handers are all tight and you come to expect that, but the right-handers are mainly sweepers with good vision. I feel like a little kid again!

    The day's getting long and we make a beeline towards Woori Yallock with minimum fuss, taking it easy on the new road sections between Noojee and Yarra Junction on the Powelltown Road. Busting to take a leak and some old lady at the Woori Yallock shopping arcade there misdirects koma and I when we were just 10m from our goal. I'm sure she was just trying to be helpful...

    Thanks for coming guys! I had a great time and we didn't even get lost despite not having a map. We'll have to organise more rides down that way, there really is such a wealth of good roads down there.