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[VIC] Gippsland Ride - late notice - 21/1/09

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nibor, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. <MAP>

    hows that look? 340km, tomorrow so no weekend traffic or weekend cops, end up at the spur for a few laps :wink:

    meet 9am lilydale at the servo on the corner of nelson rd and maroondah hwy, outbound. (where the first marker on the map is)

    Nibs :grin:

  2. Unfortunately, I have classes 9 -12 :( Have a safe ride anyway!
  3. Don't fall into the trap of thinking there are no cops around in Gippsland ATM. We've had a shocking start to the year on the road and cops are out and unsympathetic.
    I'll actually be riding to Leongatha tomorrow so I may see you.
  4. i dont plan on breaking any land speed records, i've jsut got the ticket back after 9 months off for speeding :?

    cheers for the heads up :)
  5. Dang! can't afford to skip work tomorrow. I'd love to do that ride! will have to wait for the weekend. :(
  6. MAP1


    thats the route i ended up taking today.
    about 715km all up!
    had some fun down some logging tracks out of Neerim, about 50km's worth of single dirt/gravel track. road was closed ahead so i couldnt link back up near powelltown, due to logging close to the track.

    bike is a bit dirty now :LOL:

    5 cops in mirboo north!!
    3 patrol cars and 2 unmarked cars. doing speed in towns, duh.
    you were certainly right, Chris, but short of mirboo, i barely saw a cop anywhere else.

    awesome roads, finished with a few laps of the spur with mates, then some fun roads home. all in all im tired, my rear tyre is bald, and my air filter is probably growing potatoes :grin:
  7. Mate, I did THIS yesterday and I saw about 12 units all up. Mirboo Nth was "active" for some reason. Next time you're up this way C to D on my map is a nice little twistie run :grin:
  8. We must've almost crossed paths up Neerim South way, I only saw 3 bikes...thought there'd be a few more out yesterday, weather was great :grin: Still, being a Thursday I guess some poor people had to work.

    If Elton Road's the one I'm thinking of, it must've been quite an interesting run :)
  9. In this part of Gippsland, yesterday was Wednesday :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. :LOL:

    yeah next time im out i think i will check out the loop from mirboo nth, through boolarra and boolarra sth. looks fun :grin:

    im assuming you know it, but i find from mirboo nth to leongatha via Dumbalk to be alot more fun than the strzelecki hwy. (is that a google typo? i thought it was strezlecki?)

    on a side note, any idea if THIS section of the Boolarra Foster Rd is sealed, Chris? street view says it is at both ends. looks like it could form part of a fun loop :grin:
  11. Dont know that road mate but I doubt it would be paved.
    I'll have a look at my trusty Vic Roads directory tonight and I'll edit this post.
    As for the spelling. Its one of those ones that is spelt both way these days although Google has the original spelling.

    EDIT: My Late VicRoads book says between D & E is gravel HERE
  12. Um, yeah, I was just testing....you passed :grin: :p