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[VIC] Gippsland area ride, Sat Feb 4th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Mouth

    Meet: Cranbourne McDonalds (Cnr Camms Rd and Sth Gippy Hwy Melway: 133 J2)
    Time: 10:15am for a 10:30am (sharp!) leave.

    Route: Lang Lang, Poowong, Korumburra, Leongatha, Mirboo North (lunch at the pub). Boolarra, Meeniyan, Inverlock, Wonthaggi, Gran...

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  2. If anyone would like to volunteer to be the tail-ender, that would be appreciated :)
  3. I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This might be a bit more fun and longer lasting than the spur run. I may be in if I can get away with it.
  5. Close to home and a 10.30 start :grin: :grin: .. Im there..

    If no one else volunteers before we leave Maccas, I will be tail-ender.
    [-o< please some one volunteer.
  6. I'll try to meet you at K'burra (11.00am?), if not, then at Leongatha.

    I'll tail from there to Inverloch if no one else wants.

    What level is it? Fast, furious or legal? :LOL:
  7. Yup .. but probably more likely 11:15ish
  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im in for this.. :cool:
  9. I hate you all :?

    Will try and swap my Sat shift to a Sunday!
  10. Well I dont want to be the only 250 on this run so can we get a bit more action going on here........I will end up being tail ender and i get lost.(not out of choice.) I need someone to follow and I may not keep up with all you big hoons......even on the Hornet.
    Dont want to hold up Realm.....I can put a DVD player on the back for you Realm and give me a toot when you want the sound turned up .......lol
  11. ah this sounds great, close to me for the start as well, something completely different than the spur run as well. Count me in as a maybe and ill confirm after i go for coffee tomorrow night to see if there is anything i need to do at good ol' work.
  12. Can I join in for this ride if its not too late? Sounds like fun to me..:)
  13. If I don't get any bites to go out to the Otways with Skuffy, I'll be in this and happily play Charlie, prolly my turn by now.
  14. I'm in. There was a possible gig that popped it's head up for early Sat arvo... but it fell through... so I'm in. :cool: :grin:

    Don't know the route or the roads, so I'm definitely not a tail end charlie candidate.

    What's the corner marking philosophy?


  15. It's completely normal to get twice or even three times as many people turn-up to rides than actually post, especially when it's listed in the events calendar (like this is). I remember one ride I posted/lead a coupl eof years ago from the same place (Cranbourne Macca's) at roughly the same time of year .. from posts it looked like about 8-12 people ... I arrived a little late and there was almost 50 bikes waiting in the carpark :shock:
  16. It's only too late if you arrive at Cranbourne Macca's after 10:30am tomorrow morning and we've already left :wink: Everyone is welcome.
  17. With the cop blitz on the GOR at the moment and the traffic on it, got to be a fairly special day for me to go down there in Summer :)
  18. Shouldn't need to .. just follow the road and corner markers :)

    I speak about it just before we leave, so as to drum it in and ensure everyone know how it works. The rider immediately behind the ride leader (in this case/ride - me) will get a reminder wave as we approach the corner, with them to stop on the side of the road just before the corner and put their indicator on in the left/right direction the group wen't. If there's no corner marker then the group wen't straight ahead. As a ride leader, you don't leave the corner/intersection (when your turnning/veering left or right) unless a corner marker is there and has stopped ready to signal to the riders behind. The corner marker doesn't leave until the tail-ender arrives and gives a toot and wave to teh corner marker to remind them that they are the tail-ender and the last bike to come through.

    Refer: https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=group_rides
  19. Im in and my mate from Scotland will be on the back of Lils bike. he wants to see what all this twisty shit is all about.
    he has been on the back before and loved it so i hope he manages to not Sh-it in my joe rocket jeans......

    See you all in the morning....
  20. With Lil's riding there will be no guarantees :p :grin: