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[VIC] Ghost Rider Movie @ Chadstone, Tue Feb 20th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jace

    Hoyts Cinema at Chadstone shopping centre Tuesday the 20/02/07. Meet at 8:00 PM for movie screening at 8:30 P.M. (TBC).

    Best motorcycle parking is near the Borders entrance. See here for more details http://www.chadstoneshopping.com.au/defaultHi.asp

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  2. That sounds tempting. I could make that.
  3. I'm not sure of the exact time of the session yet I'm pretty sure there'll be an 8:30 pm session they usually put on heaps of sessions for a movie on it's first tight arse tuesday though :grin:
    Being a nicolas cage blockuster I'm expecting to be leaving my brain at the box office and just having a good larf :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    edit: SESSION TIME CONFIRMED @ 08:50 P.M.
  4. haven't been to the movies in ages.
  5. COUNT ME IN :grin:
  6. chadstone complex

    Would be a great Film to see.. BUT... and I was going to comment on this when it happened a couple of weeks ago.. but didn't...

    Chadstone Management told a friend and I to 'move on' and that we weren't allowed to park on footpaths. I pointed out that they were following the road rules for the state of victoria and using victorian officers to enforce said rules and they were determined to move us to the 'secure' bike parking in the middle of nowhere miles away from both the cinema entrence and from cameras...... So I've sworn it is NOT worth going there again...

  7. Re: chadstone complex

    +1 byft
    I was parking my bike on the footpath at Chaddy Shopping Centre about a month ago and a security guard on a little scooter came over and took my number plate down as well as all the other bikes that were parked next to me :shock: I asked why he was doing that and he said they record all of the "bike's illegally parking on the footpath for the Police as it's against the law to park there"... after arguing with the moron for far too long about the legalities of bike parking I gave up, jumped on my bike and rode around to the other side of the shopping centre and parked it...

    I'll be caging it to the movies on the 20th so I'm even less interested to going to Chaddy, will probably go watch this at Victoria Gardens coz there's always plenty of carparks and they don't harrass riders for parking bike on the footpath as long as you're not blocking any entrances/exits...
  8. IT doesn't HAVE to be a at chaddy we could move it to another cinema location if that suits people. Just throwing it out there. Let me know :)

    edit: Nup Definitely at chaddy :wink:
  9. Southlands close to chaddy and heaps of room for bikes. Don't really mind where it is, if I'm still in Melbourne I'll be in
  10. Why not combine?

    Thge East Subs coffee night is on Tuesday nights. We have previously gone to Reddings at Croydon, where bikes are welcome and there is Pizza for afters.
    Why not contact Scumbags or Boo and combine the two nights and make it one big N/R event?
    There was talk about the easties going to see this as a Tuesday night exercise anyway.....

    Just an idea.
  11. Don't forget the competition folks, you may be seeing it for free thanks to Sony
  12. Well I live around the corner from there so thats an easy turn up from me.

    Oh and being on Tuesday it will be half price...makes it even more an attractive night out!

    And yes Chadstone shopping centre dont allow motor bikes parked on their footpaths but I have found that they never police it, would be a different case if 30 bikes were parked out the front. It is private property so council cannot intervene though police can. There is 3 levels of parking 15 metres from Borders book shop, best eliminate any problems and park there. Its free parking.
  13. You got details for that comp Vic??
  14.  Top
  15. or better still;


    Oh, and the competition closes tonight at 9.30pm and will be drawn at 10pm.

    There are 25 tickets to be won.

    Of course those that send me flowers, chocolates, peeled grapes & a steak from the ball & chain in tassie will win them first :rofl:

    not really, but I had to make a funny, it's what I do best, other than give people the shits :)
  16. Nup didn't win any free tix :(
    Still have to see it on a tight arse Tuesday. :p
    Thanks for your suggestion tramp. Probly easy just to leave it at Chaddy I think. Darn management there thinking they are better than the law and moving bikes off the footpath. WOT legends they are :roll:
  17. Just a mention guys that if you have a blue tooth enabled phone if you stand near the cinema at chadstone they will send you a message so you can get cheaper tickets. It is a short advertising msg but all it does is say Hoyts and flashes (may cause epilepsy) and then says

    Thanks for Downloading
    Please present your phone at the box office to receive a $10 ticket to any movie. code: BL - Valid to 12/2/2007

    By the way I've been using them since before Xmas and you get a new one each time that lasts for a few weeks. I don't like going to the movies on Tuesdays because there are too many people there.

    With this you can see any movie for $10 even new releases. So either get a blue tooth phone or just do the old dodgy swap etc.
  18. So is this still on and can i turn up without an invite :)
  19. Yep still on. come on down :) Session is 08:50 P.M. :wink:

    I'm trying to clarify exactly what the story is with parking at chaddy at the moment. So I just trolled through the bike parking at chadstone thread to see If I could get a firm answer on what the go is . You can pretty much draw your own conclusions out of that thread.

    So I phoned centre management and they gave me the number for the security department (Francis). I asked Francis about the policy of no bikes parking on the footpath. He advised that it was due to OH & S that this policy had arisen. and that Adequate motorcycle parking has been made available in the valet area. =;
    Looks like its easy enough just to park there but if that's full/ inconvenient might just park on the opposite side of the road to borders on the pretty much unused footpath adjacent to the carpark. Parking on the footpath is good enough for the Victorian state governement why is it only chaddy that worry about OH&S farken issues. :roll: I've never been personally warned not to park on the footpath nor have I ever seen any signs saying don't park on the footpath.

    GODDAMMIT I'm just going to park on the footpath. [gently steps down from :soapbox: ] :oops: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. :shock: Where did you come from? Tis been a while.