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[VIC] Get your bikes off the bloody footpaths!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. In today (wed) Herald-Sun letters readers are posting their views on how Robert Doyle should do his job as the newly elected mayor. One bright spark has suggested that he get motorcycles off the footpaths. He states that the footpaths are for pedestrians, not for bikes to be parked on.

    I'm sure that at least one rabid activist probably had yet another aneurism-moment when he read that.
  2. And when my bike gets backed over yet again by some dropkick in their cage I'll sue the City of Melbourne for damages!

    I've walked around the CBD when I couldn't avoid it & never had a problem with parked bikes!

    Seems to me people with knives & glasses are way more dangerous in the CBD!
  3. I haven't got a problem with single bikes parked correctly but when you try to walk along Elizabeth St past all the bike shops they should do something about all those bikes which are blocking footpath space.
  4. Nup you either allow it 100% or not. As soon as you bring in conditions you allow the anti-bike people scope to creep. Plus it adds to the general feel of the area. Tourists come into Melbourne to go through the bike shops and without the bikes on the footpath you lose a bit of the chaos that surrounds us.
  5. Problem is in Elizabeth St the shops park the bikes at 90 degrees to the kerb line which is not what the rules allow.
  6. Yeah I know it's not within the rules, but it does add to the place. Sometimes a bit of chaos and mess is cool. And really so what if people have to move around a bit, it's no worse than the fruit vendors and fcuking footpath chalkers!
  7. They aren't "rules" - they are guidelines only.

    Council are also aware that the Elizabeth Street precinct is actually unique. It's been a motorcycle precinct for over 100 years and has quite a distinct identity - one way of preserving that identity is to have the mtorcycles on the footpath.

    Lets face it, a lot of the footpath cafes cause far more interference to pedestrians in some areas yet cafe precincts are also encouraged.
  8. I can't think of a clever way to make this into a pun, so just try to laugh and nod knowingly after you've read it:

    Ah, but the general public can sit down at a cafe. ;)
  9. That's because they pay (council) for the privilege. That's not a precedent I would be wanting to invoke.

    So anyway, do we know anything about what the new mayor and councillors think about the subject? Or bikes in general? I suppose it now means a whole new set of relationships need to be established through the representative bodies.

    And BTW, now that Joe Caputo is out on his arse, wither the Moreland motorcycle strategy? (or whither?)
  10. technically the general public can sit down on a motorbike too

    I think the Elizabeth Bikes are a lot more open than all the cafe / fruit vendors.
  11. Thank you Tony. I can't believe the amount of misinformation about footpath parking that flies around this site! Perhaps we should send an email to all Victorian users of this site advising what are rules and what are guidelines and put an end to it!

    The correct information has been posted time and time again and most of it is a 'Sticky'.

  12. The latest release of the parking guidelines here.

    It's not so different to the old one but specifically shows more pictures of what not to do (and mentions scooters, who have been the main offenders when it comes to doing the wrong thing).

    In fact one of the photos showing correct parking actually shows a row of bikes parked at 90 degrees to the kerb.
  13. The council's executive officer etc are still keen and I'll meet with the new lot early next year once the Motorcycle Transport and Safety Strategy is released. That should give lots of leverage.

    Don't forget - the Mayor will be different but the overall composition of the council is politically pretty much as it was so I wouldn't expect huge changes in direction. The strategy goes to VMAC next week and then to the Minister for signing off.

    There's some details we would like to see changed but after the meeting about it last week we are not unhappy with the way it's going. I believe that the breadth of coverage of powered two wheelers and the long term implications are very good indeed. Definitely many years ahead of anywhere else in Australia and right up with the best of the overseas strategies.

    While it won't be released till next year, I'm hoping there's some references in the overall transport policy coming out in a few weeks.
  14. Bike shops aside, those parking their bikes on the FPs aren't doing it to make money. Cafes with their "sidewalk seating" are. Hence the need for regulation and permits.
  15. didn't the last time they banned motorcycles from parking on the footpath, they had a rally where all the bikies just went up early one morning and took all the parking spots. one vehicle per parking space etc. and it was chaos, so they allowed motorcycles back on the foot path. maybe we'll see a repeat of that again. a big in your face mother trucker! :cool:
  16. All this speculation and paranoia over one letter in the Hun from one of their usual team of idiot letter-writers complaining about footpath parking. It's a State Government law that allows footpath parking anyway.
  17. And the council hasn't really changed much, it is only one person.
  18. I reckon now though there are enough bikes/scooters on the road to block every on road car park in the city.
  19. Yeah, I may have created a monster. I was merely wondering if the Rabid One would have had yet another attack of coronial over-pressurisation...
  20. can someone post the photos of the original protest ?