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[VIC] Germany MotoGP, Sun Jul 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jamie


    The time has come again...

    I have organised the whole back room of the Glenferrie for us spesh Netrider people to watch the Germany GP...
    There will be lounges a beer garden and a huge 10x12 high quality prjector screen!!!!!


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  2. Vic, why dont you come and drool???
  3. That's excellent. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. Is anyone planning on having dinner there???
  5. British GP was on July 2nd .......... am guessing you mean "Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland" :) July 16th ie: Germany
  6. very true

    And yes I'll be hoeing into a meal, most likely a Fishermans Basket to OD on omega 3 while there.

    Stumbling distance from home as well which makes it handy for having a few ales.
  7. Sorry for the mistake but Black Betty and Matt232 are correct.

    Its the German GP....

    Also for those that attended the last time i organised one of these viewings, i now promise i will make it to this one :-w (no matter how hung-over i am!!!!) Otherwise Ronin has permission to bash me! :shock: :LOL:
    (There you go Ronin, you now have it in writing!!! :p :wink: :LOL: )

    hahaha see you all there... :beer:
  8. Im up for it again :)
    and jamie, i will kick you in the uh well im sure ill think of something, if you dont come :)
  9. Well maybe i could grace you all with my presence, even though those GP bikes are missing some CC's.. :LOL: :LOL:
  10. yeah for sure blue.. they are short of power huh.. lol.. i think ill have to pass, i have a lawn bowls match to watch lmao.


    ill be there, i can always record the lawn bowls and watch it later, guess ill pass it up for a chance to watch the bikes just this once. lol.

  11. I've edited the thread title.....you might want to change the calender entry Jamie.
  12. Being allowed to bash her and being capable of doing it are two different things. :p :grin:

    I'm putting my money Jamie to win in the first round.
  13. lmao.. hey, permission is good enough, and although she didnt state she wouldnt relatiate, i thinkh permission means she wont try and defend herself, im gunna try for the quick knock out anf run real fast approach.
  14. I am soooo there (Only to see Ronin to get bashed by Jamie :oops: )

    I probably won't have dinner there though due to my lack of $$$'s
  15. Thanks! I guarantee im worth putting money on...

    So Ronin, are you ready to rumble?????
  16. Now you've open some doors... :p

    Care to rephrase?
  17. oh honey, its on liek donkey kong.
    as long as i dont have to take my riding gear off..... :D:D:D:D
  18. hey jamie, can i bash danny up too?
  19. It occurs to me that perhaps we should set some rules......since Jamie has already agreed we only have one other party to agree on the rules.

    I propose Jelly Wrestling, Ronan what say you?
  20. actually i might beat matt up instead, he will enjoy it more ;)