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[Vic] - gembrook-Noojee-Mt BawBaw - 19th March morning

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nibor, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. hey guys, im craving a ride! :grin:
    i've decided ill head out from belgrave to gembrook, then up to launching place. through yarra junction and Powelltown, to Noojee.
    from there, probably off up Mt. Baw Baw, never been up yet :)

    no idea of the roads, so i wont be hooning anywhere, anyone welcome. weather looks to be perfect. no hint of rain, nice cool day.
    Meet: Upwey Mobil servo, 7:30am. departing 7:40am sharp. its on Burwood Hwy, in Upwey. cant miss it.

    Route: linky

    please PM me, or preferably txt me on zerofourthreenine sixfivefour threethreeeight. anytime of the day or night, prior to 6:30am for PM, or jsut anytime for txt. if no-one is coming, then i might simply decide on an earlier/later/different meet point, and different route. so dont just wing it and expect me to be there :p

    hope to see some faces in the morning :)

  2. Love to join you Robin - but some of us have to work :cry: :-({|=
  3. Pay attention going up Baw Baw Nibs. Gravel, Diesel, Potholes, Roadworks, plus whatever else you can think of.
    Marie at Noojee General Store will have some fuel for you out the back in jerry cans, or you can go back up the hill to Neerim Junction's General Store and see Robyn and Andrew, they have premium and bowzers and electricity and everything.

    Have fun now.
  4. thats what sickies are for, Guye :wink:

    cheers for the heads-up, Chef. i dont like diesel. dont mind the rest.
    mmmm jerry cans :grin: spose i should check how far the ride is lol, and see where i need fuel!
    yay for low comsumption 250's :)
  5. google tells me its only 150km to Bawbaw, so i can make it their and back, theoretically. add in google's idiot factor, and i should have plenty to make it there and at least to powelltown/yarra junction on the way home.

    sweet :)
  6. yeah i made it on one tank recently on the sv, but you have to fuel up at yarra junction, and coming back i was on the reserve light, for a quite a few km's, and i wasn't pushing it coming back down, but yeah i reckon if you were on the gas both up and down you will probably require fuel at noojee
  7. im on a 250 :p
    300km before reserve.
    thats from 11.6L, i think its a 1.4 reserve.
    i really should test out reserve one day, with a jerry on the back.
    but doing the maths thats another 35km-ish.

    there n back, eeasy :p think i'll top up jsut to be sure though :)
  8. Having ridden up the road to Mt Baw Baw in the last few days, I went through a smallish section of roadworks near Tanjil Bren.
    I was having a chat to a fellow rider about the change in petrol delivery at Noojee. The thought of filling up at Yarra Junction came up and he also queried whether there was any fuel in Powelltown. That's something I hadn't considered in the past, but it is an interesting question... :grin:
  9. Did this run last weekend (Not quite, but Nooje to Baw Baw). I filled up at Healesville, and didn't need fuel till the return run back at HV.

    There are some roadworks, but they didn't give me any trouble. Just be wary of leaf litter on the road up to baw baw once the white line disappears.

    Fantastic road though, have fun!
  10. So how did you go Nibs?
  11. Dang it, if i'd seen this earlier i might have joined you this morning. Did those roads two weeks ago (well as far as launching place anyway), was great fun.
    Let us know how it went :)
  12. weeell im back :grin:

    took me an hour longer than planned, but i that was assuming i left at 7am, when i got up then :p left about 7:45, so only 15min over schedule. i'll blame petrol for that :LOL:

    a cruisy warm-up in light traffic from Upwey through Belgrave all the way to Emerald, where the traffic pretty much subsided. on to Gembrook, and a bumpy ride up to Woori Yallock. then a quick blat along warburton hwy to Yarra Junction, and turn off towards Noojee.

    down past Powelltown (where i can only see a few houses, the general store, Powelly Pub, and a massive woodyard. no petrol me thinks :grin:), and this is where the real fun begins. lovely sweeping roads through the Latrobe State Forest, which i enjoyed alot more on the return, as i knew there weren't and tight spots on the way through. i think i need more than my 250 to enjoy them properly :twisted:

    after a brief break in Noojee, i was back on track. oddly enough, the air was rather 'fresh' passing through Icy Creek, and pretty much from their onwards. i really should have taken my insulated gloves with me :LOL: from here the ascent begins. the road narrows ever more, and the line markings disappear. which basically inspired me to use the majority of the road width :grin: albeit at a pace where i could adjust quickly enough if oncoming traffic appeared.

    somewhere on the way to Tanjil Bren, i encountered the first of multiple wildlife. a cute little wallaby was doing whatever they do, on the RHS of the road as i rounded a slight bend. it then bounded off into the forest, crossing in front of me of course. almost stopped just to have a watch anyway :) further up, i saw a bird of some sort scurry into the undergrowth, after i scared the bejesus out of it. i think it was a female lyrebird, as it had rather less plummage than the male i saw on the descent from Bawbaw.

    the only other wildlife need mentioning, is my arch nemesis, the Crimson Rosella. these little blighters lvoe to feed/do whatever in the grass on the roadside out in the middle of nowhere. theyre generally worse when past the grass is heavy forest, so they almost always choose to fly ACROSS my path, in an attempt for freedom. i've actually had one on either side, crisscross barely metres in front of me, then decide to head back the original direction they were taking. this was up Mt Donna Buang, and scared the bejesus outa me as i was doing about 100, and they dont take flight until your basically on top of them.

    annnyway, i had a few more of the rosellas kamikazi me, my helmet clipped one as i ducked, through Latrobe state forest. more on the ascent of Bawbaw, and then to my amazement, a whole bloody flock of females (the green ones, theyre a prick to see in the grass) decided its time to fly, as i was nearing them. about 30 or so, flap frantically infront and above me. thankfully this was just near the summit of Bawbaw, where whoever made the road got sick of getting there slowly, and decided to head straight up! with the road narrow enough, the incline crazy, and alot of leaf litter about, not to mention the damp conditions, speed was the last thing on my mind.

    i finally made it up, and had a look around. at the top-most carpark, it kinda goes all the way to the edge, where the mountain falls away slowly below you. i was looking out, thinking its a pretty pathetic view for such a big summit, when i realised it wasnt crap coz it was cloudy. i was above the clouds. like waaay above :shock: remids me of when you look outside an aeroplane, and you see a sea of clouds below you. ive decided i need to head up again on a clearer day, so i can see everything below and into the distance. that would be absolutely breathtaking.

    after the descent, back through the Roadworks as mentioned by others, down past Tanjil Bren and out towards Noojee i headed. i was thinking i'll head to Neerim North, and investigate this claim of petrol and electricity and what not :p but i decided to accidentally miss the turn-off (Old Fumina Rd), and headed almost into Noojee, when i thought crap i better head left sometime soon.

    Neerim North - Noojee Rd looked perfect, so i took it. and so began a very dirty (leaf litter and wet) and narrow road, which was rather fun anyway. except for what i swear was speed humps. two of them. for no reason. and almost impossible to see with the damp road and no direct sunlight to cast shadows. had the rear kick out a bit through a few dirty corners, im guessing it was some bulk leaves or a stick i didnt avoid properly. kept it interesting :grin:

    the end of this road then met up with the original road i needed, but past Neerim North. i got a bit confused with the directions, and just figured ive gone left, i need to go right to get back on course. so i did, then another right, following a huge sign to yarra junction etc. this was the turn onto Main Neerim Rd, which has some awesome downhill sweepers in open field. this brought me back down to Piedmont, where i rejoined with Yarra Junction - Noojee Rd, and from here i headed home :grin:

    the rest of the trip is boring :p

    phwoar. thats a fair write-up i reckon. didnt think id ever bother blabbing on about my trips, but thats about as longwinded as it gets :grin:

    needless to say, i'll be heading out this way more often, theres a fair few roads i want to explore some more :)

  13. Sweeeeeet. Sounds like an awesome ride, good writeup!