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[VIC] Geek Night, Sat Sep 9th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: eswen

    Geek Night is back again this month...

    Where at?
    Mystery Location. PM Eswen for details.


    7.00 pm

    Everyone is invited to stay over, some sleeping stuff provided but encouraged to bring own.

    BYO alcohol, will order pizza at s...

    ... more

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  2. So whos in this round ;)

    drew (littleboyonbigbike)
    fryboy (ever seen futurama ;))
    maybe snakegal
    maybe voyager
    maybe ghope
  3. next one!

    Wedding Anniversary on the 7th and the 9th is the closest weekend.

    i may have the confidence for the highway by then :p
  4. Damn, can't make even the smallest appearence to this one.
    On the plus side...
    uh....gimme some time to think?
  5. Yep should be able to make it to this one :).
    Oh and Drew if you are feeling confident enough to tackle the highway let me know, I can easily detour through Kyneton.
  6. thanks mate, i'll remember that for next time.
  7. I'm a maybe here - have to check a few other things first.
  8. I will be there ;)
  9. well lets the cat out the bag... this geek night is being held at my place!! if your comin it would be good to get some idea of how many cause im nice to get the VB for everyone but the expensive drinks are BYO. i have heaps of floor but not to much sleeping stuff to use so just keep drinkin and you will sleep anywhere.... right?? the pizza man is around the corner when needed so food is takin care of. now remember if your here, you are here to party hard ok!!?
    so people if your readin this think hard and say out loud "im going to geek night"
    P.S. there is more fun to have on this night than any geek can handle.
  10. So what is involved in this? Just a piss up night? suhweet

    Also, open to anyone? Coz I know bugger all here and what better way to get to know people than when pixilated :p
  11. Grrr... you keep having them on nights I cant make it...... oh, but thats your PLAN isn't it :shock: :evil: :p
  12. can't make it, would've loved to see your pad Drew...

    will be helping friends move this weekend... well I'll try to be of some help :LOL:
  13. The only requirement is to pm me for the location :p

    aaron, im going to be in that area too, and some of the other geeks are helping your friend move at the same time ;) we could all ride in together ;)
  14. Hey

    I'm a n00b on these forums, but am keen to get into the community. Just got my Ls, no bike yet and the best way is jump in the deep end, right? :)

    I'm a geek by trade, and not even allowed to send PMs :p

  15. Start spamming so you can.

    Yes going to be an awesome night!!!

    Dibs I went to my first geek night last month, and I only knew a couple of people there, but belive me everyone will make you filll welcome, and with free e VB what more can you ask for!!
  16. Ohhhh that friend wouldn't happen to be JO would it? :) I'm in the suburb next to where he's moving - guna be awesome to be so close!

    ....and my detective work tells me that means the night is close to my place too. I'll be there Essy - will PM ya chick.

  17. while it would be really convenient for us to hold it there, they will still be moving in and stuff so probably wouldnt work out too well :(
    its planned to be at drews place in whoop whoop, i mean, broady but im sure you can get a lift there :)
  18. Hey Eswen / Drew, i think i'll be there.

    I'm just gonna get drunk and be annoying though.
    Do you mind?
  19. we dont mind, thats what i will be doing too ;)

    do you want the address or will you follow me there?