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[VIC] Geek Night, Sat Aug 19th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: eswen

    Geek Night is back again this month...

    Where at?
    Mystery Location. PM Eswen for details.


    7.00 pm

    Everyone is invited to stay over, some sleeping stuff provided but encouraged to bring own.

    BYO alcohol, Coles 5 min walk fro...

    ... more

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  2. True, but the Safeway across the road is even more convenient. :p :LOL:
  3. hmm i wonder where it could be
    :LOL: :LOL:
  4. :LOL: mark told me it was a coles :p

    Pinhead (aka gowron)
    van + lori
    kraven probably
    mat possibly
    im.on.it probably

    possibles on viewing list:
    pirate p0rn
    arested development
    Tripping The Rift
    farscape s1
  5. Is it possible for you nerds to cogregate before geek night & make up a scedule?

    What things you plan to watch?
  6. Yeah ill be there
    if i dont go for a drive to middle of nowhere to find eswens mythical hot friends ?!
  7. Care to explain the name change mat (or should I say wang chung)? :?

    And no. Whilst not a greek myself (though I may be other things) I do have to live here and I don't cope well with schedules, timetables, itineraries or even tentative and hazy drunken ideas. :wink: :LOL:
  8. rofl

    like my name baby ;)
  9. I was asking mat. I know why you got your name. :wink: :p
  10. cos its true ;)
  11. i needed a new game.. i couldn't think of a good one so i chose wang chung.
    It was either that or dopeboyfresh

    "shut your hole wang chung"
  12. Hoping to make it, and hoping to have the bike by then....but if not the Falcon will do :)
  13. As I mentioned in the other thread - yes I should be able to make it to this one.
  14. dam. another party another one i cant make it to. or i might be able to. i have a pirate themed party that night. the the last one my mate had (army theme) was nuts. but if that falls through, im the biggest geek going. so ill come down. i have heaps of geeky things i could bring to.

    you all like marmelade yeah?
  15. All these name changes are confusing me! :oops:

    I have a theory to explain them all.

    It's when your at Friday night coffee, and you see Es or Katherine turn up. Instead of being able to say, "hey, look, it's Eswen or Apriliagirl" you now have to say:

    "Hey, Vic's my biatch" or even worse (and this is a nightmare) "Hey, I love Vic".

    All very very wrong. I feel unclean. :grin:

    Wang Chung I can deal with.

    Anyway, what's the go with Geek night? What ya watching?
  16. whats geek night :? do we dress up with pants over our belly button .. butter fly collar shirt with pens in shirt pocket .. or is that just another name for Net rider members :p
  17. :LOL: The $64,000 question.
  18. No need to dress up, that how we are usually. ;)

    Look, GN is just a night to hang out and get drunk while acting childish (just like all other netrider functions) with the slight difference in that we usually manage to watch a movie or something at some point during the night or morning.

    And be wary of picking on geeks, you are one posting on an internet forum at 10:30 at night !!!! :)
  19. so what are people bringing? I would like to get a bit of an idea before the night this time :)
  20. I can bring along a wide assortment of geeky SF, but if you end up watching bloody cartoons again then the best part of the night will be the ride there and back again! In light of a certain signature, I'll offer up:

    Firefly (full season)
    Farscape (first season, might have S2 as well by next weekend)

    and if I can get it converted to DVD from DivX, I'll bring along Tripping The Rift.

    Give me requests though people - I have an extensive collection and (through workmates who are all sad geeks like me) access to a LOT more.
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