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(VIC) - G'day Netrider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SPEEEEDY_B, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I have already made one thread but it was made clear to me that I have to post here to avoid being flamed..apparently.

    Well, I guess I need to introduce myself. My childhood nickname is Chook, and my username is "SPEEEEDY_B" - yes I play xbox and that's my universal username. What can I say, I love motorbikes I adore them and they are a deep love of mine. I have only recently turned 20 and have decided to start riding on the road, so starting next year I will be picking up the new Kawa 300. I have been riding since I was 4 (Suzuki 80cc farm bike) on the farm/dirt-track and when I was 16 started riding on the road (1994 cbr250 - I think).

    Other then that i'm really not sure how much information I am meant to spill here, I am not writing the next twilight about a teenagers feelings to attract facebook attention and then hash tag a photo of my duck face while accidentally revealing too much cleavage, and quiet frankly I would much rather chew on glass thank you very much end of story.


    Yeah, that's a very brief history of my motorbike passion, and I guess I joined NetRider because I wanna meet some new people and embrace the culture, as well as picking up a GoPro next year and do some Vlog's, I dont see enough funny Vlog's, or Vlog's featuring friends mucking around (nothing like ghostrider, just having fun!) and generally enjoying the passion that I love and share with my mate's.

    SO yeah I hope to see some of you people on the road, you will probably notice me fairly quickly as my helmet has a "mohawk" on it - I am not a hoon, nor a squid, I just like to have a bit of fun, I would rather have fun now than regret not doing it when I am older and restricted, I don't want to miss the opportunity of missing out on great memories with mates because someone disapproves of my helmet.

    Cheers - SPEEEEDY_B :peace:
  2. Welcome Speeeedy_B, you didn't say what you are riding now days. We are all bike nuts so those details interest us. :) Regarding posting an introduction there are good reasons related to the system's anti spam measures for establishing a pattern of behavior that makes the BOTS happy and assigns you a higher level of trust. It is not just us being arbitrary.
  3. Wow I can't believe I forgot that. I'm picking up a new Kawa 300 early next year, too busy with work at the moment, and having a new bike during double demerit's is asking for trouble :joyful:
  4. I literally never knew that in my 20 years, that's a tad embarrassing. Still, holidays last thing I want is an accident. Thanks for that though, mate.
  5. I hope to see you hitting the roads near me soon Speeeedy_B or should i say chook!
    haha what an interesting nick name... I too will be picking up a kawa 300 early next year.. coincidence.. i think not.
  6. Dun dun DUN!!!!!!!!

    Aww yeah.
  7. Welcome speeeedy_b.

    Curious as to why you're getting a LAMS bike if you've already been riding on the road for four years? Do you have a full license?
  8. I think he rode unlicensed.. i think speedy didnt word it proper