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[VIC] FX Powersports - Fail :(

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by eliminatrix, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    WARNING - Quite long! Scroll down for TL;DR

    Just thought I'd vent my frustration and see if anyone could offer some possible suggestions.
    I ride a Sachs Dash 150cc 2009 scooter that I purchased from Scooterama in Fitzroy.
    I haven't had that many issues with it, but on Monday...the drive belt blew as I was riding to TAFE. It's done 10,500ks and during my previous service in December / January, the mechanics at Scooterama advised me that the drive belt and rollers would need to be replaced at the next service - 11,500ks.
    I called them up, but
    A) They were completely booked out for repairs for at least a week
    8) The drive belt was on back-order for at least a week

    They advised me to call FX Powersports, another Sachs dealership in West Brunswick. I've dealt with them before and though their customer service could be better, I've never really had any issues. Only purchased accessories (helmet / sunglasses) and a service 6 months after I purchased the bike.

    FX Powersports advised me they weren't that busy and could look at it on Wednesday and I was quoted a cost of $175 for the repair job, which included labour + parts. The person I spoke to told me he would write it down on the job sheet. My dad dropped it off in his van Tuesday evening. Me being me, I forgot to give them the keys, so I put them in an envelope and slid it under their door after hours. On the envelope, I'd also written the following note:

    "If possible, please look at repairing the kick starter as it is currently jammed. Call me to provide a quote prior to performing any repair work on the kick starter."

    I called them Wednesday morning and the lady at the front strongly suggested performing a full service as well ($169), for which I accepted / agreed.
    I called later in the afternoon and was advised it was ready to collect and that they'd repaired the kick starter. They wanted to charge me 2 hours labour and got into a disagreement with them as this was not what I agreed to. The lady did not believe me when I told her I was quoted the $175 for drive belt repair + labour and wanted the name / date / time of the person I spoke to. I went down in person and calmly but firmly stated that it was not my job to take down employee details.
    She advised me she could charge me a total of $344 but would be unable to provide me a receipt. I questioned this and she stated that if I wanted a receipt, she would have to charge me the extra two hours labour. I told her this was unacceptable and finally convinced her to provide me an official receipt without charging the extra 2 hours labour.

    I picked it up and rode it back to the city - I was staying overnight at hotel with my gf for my birthday :p
    Along the way, I noticed that the scooter had two major problems that had obviously arisen due to the repair work:

    1) Acceleration - gone. From a stop at a red light, it takes me at least 10 seconds for the scooter to start moving...to even get to 10kph, even with the throttle on full.

    2) Power - Non existent. It's literally as if I've riding a 25cc engine. All the power has gone and to even get it to do 60 kp/h is a real effort. Getting it up drive-ways is incredibly difficult and it also feels / sounds as if the engine is going to disengage at low speeds.
    Going at around 40kph - the engine sounds like it's working overtime and then some.

    I have no idea what they've done to it, but it's literally in a worse shape now than when I dropped it off. At least the engine had power, I could go places...get up steep hills (before the drive belt blew). Now, it really feels unsafe riding it as I can't accelerate at all and this can be dangerous, especially when doing turns and at when the lights turn green. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the breaks are looser or haven't been checked.

    I called the workshop this afternoon and had a big argument with the lady at the front desk, who also happens to be the manager.
    The crux of it is, is that she's willing to get the mechanics to look at it but will more than likely charge me for any additional repairs. Nor did they have a lone scooter to provide me which means I miss an important class tomorrow.
    In general, I found her attitude quite rude, unfriendly and unhelpful and she was not willing to go out of her way to ensure customer satisfaction. I basically told her that for them to charge me extra would be a grave mistake and simply disgusting considering the circumstances.
    I also made the statement that if they wish to charge me extra tomorrow for repairs, that they can keep the bike as I refuse to pay it.

    TL;DR Version:

    Scooter broke, took to bike shop for repair. Paid $344 and bike still in an unrideable condition.

    If they do wish to charge me extra, what are my options? Consumer affairs? Local MP? This whole situation has me really pissed off and I'd just like to know my options. Businesses can't screw around customers, provide shit customer service and expect to get away with it.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Why didn't you return the scooter as soon as you found out about the problems?
  3. Apologies for not replying straight-away, I was at dinner :p

    Wednesday was actually my birthday and I'd booked a night at a hotel with my girlfriend...so, we went from the bike store in Brunswick to the hotel in Spencer St.
    Once I got there, I really couldn't be asked dicking around with the scooter and the bike store, especially considering it was my birthday and all!
    So I just parked it and left it until today.
  4. One last thing I'd just forgotten about.
    I asked the manager if I could speak to the actual business owner and was told he was interstate. She would would not provide me with his surname, only a first name of 'Alan' nor would she provide me with any direct contact details.

    I have tried looking for his name on the ABN Look-Up site, but no luck. Am I legally entitled to his full name? I can understand why she may be a bit hesitant to provide me his contact details, but surely she can provide me with his full name yes?
  5. consumer affairs, etc.
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  8. You're only entitled to the information available from ASIC and the shop don't have to even give you that directly. A business information broker may be able to provide more information but that will cost money.

    The ASIC information may include names (depending upon if it's a company or a partnership or a sole trader the information available varies) but it won't normally include contact details.

    Be aware that the shop name may only be a trading name and not a company name.

    I would speak to small claims about your issue.
  9. Update

    End Result - Avoid FX Powersports at all costs!
    I dropped the scooter off this morning and said this to the manager - "Let's try and resolve this situation amicably, so that everyone comes out a winner."
    My way of extending an olive branch.
    At around lunchtime, that's when everything started to go wrong. I was with my dad and as he is better at negotiating skills than I am, I got him to call the store to check for updates.
    The owner - Alan - spent the next 10 minutes bad mouthing me to my dad which caused a massive conflict between him and I. (But that's another story)
    They have charged me extra - $99 - for what work, I'm not too sure. Something about the clutch slipping, a cracked valve and installing 'performance parts.'

    As I was quite heated from my argument with dad due to this whole situation, I simply went in, gave them $100 and told them in no uncertain terms that this ends whatever business we have between us.
    Alan was there and he basically spent 10 minutes abusing and physically threatening me in front of other staff members and customers, saying that he'd "knock my block off" and get the mechanics to do the same as well as stating I have "mental problems" and that I wasn't right upstairs.
    Apparently the female manager I'd had the argument with yesterday had whinged to him...go figure. You're a manager - such a position necessitates dealing with angry / frustrated customers and having the appropriate communication AND customer service skills to deal with them.
    If you're going to whinge to your boss when you have an angry customer, then maybe you should step down.
    I was TWO SECONDS away from calling the cops when he backed down and pretty much wanted nothing more to do with me.

    The scooter is finally in a working condition and runs just the way I remember it. I'm still debating whether or not to file a complaint with Consumer Affairs due to the abuse and physical threats of violence I received.

    I feel I have been treated incredibly poorly and I also feel I have been ripped off in a big way.
    They maybe successful, but both the owner and manager really need to undertake some intensive customer service re-training.
    If you intend to deal with this mob, make sure EVERY form of communication is noted down with times / dates/ names and EVERYTHING double checked.
    They are an offensive mob and I could not recommend them to anyone, even my worst enemy.
  10. Are you the same eliminatrix off Whirlpool or bitches and whinges about everything?

  11. irrelevant, what one may or may not do on another forum is not applicable unless they continue that behaviour here, benefit of the doubt please.
  12. I brought a bike of them brand-new, 2km down the road the bots from the rear sprocket came out and jammed on the swing arm and rear wheel locked up LOL wtf!

    Take your scooter to GPS imports, they aren't that far away either and they have loan scoots and they mechanic is decent at fixing these things plus plenty of parts in stock

    They were very helpful setting up the transmission in my super 300
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    Absolutely disgusting.
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  18. I don't get it. If they were in the wrong, and you got your dad involved because you were getting the run around, how is it that he (evidently from what you have written) has ended up taking their side.

    As a manager who often has to deal with problems that other staff have been unable to resolve I find that most of the time there is 3 sides to every story, with the truth usually lying somewhere between consumer and supplier.

    Also -just for interest's sake...what is your expectation of a fair hourly rate for labour to fix a bike/scooter?

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  19. fair go guys, the blokes looking for some help, keep it on topic
  20. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the old Sci-Fi show from the late 90's Babylon 5? If not, there's a quote from the show that proves your exact point :p
    "'Understanding is a three edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth.'"

    Obviously, if FX Powersports were to reply here...they'd have a different take on this situation, from their perspective. From both sides, you can arrive at the truth - most of the time :p

    That's a WHOLE 'nother story...that'll involve months of therapy :p I'd rather not go into that. Let's just say that my dad is a difficult person at the best of times.

    I honestly wouldn't have a clue. As I know next to nothing about motorbikes / scooters / engines, I honestly don't know the kind of work that gets done. I wouldn't even be willing to name a figure. I'd have to know more about mechanic stuff before I could say.
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