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[VIC] Full Moon Ride, Sat Dec 30th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Joe Torcasio

    Full Moon Ride Sat 30th Dec

    This is a scenic ride that will be a monthly event based around the full moon cycle.
    The ride will be the closest Saturday prior to the Full Moon of each month. (Weather dependant)

    Experience through the hills is ess...

    ... more

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  2. Hmm, and I got all excited at the prospect of a midnight ride :(
  3. midnight ride by the moonlight would be awesome...
    as long as it's not in the hills... I'd need to get some more lighting.

    But I shall keep my eye on this thread Joe.
  4. More than happy to consider that prospect of a moonlight ride. I didnt think many would be interested in a night ride.
    The idea of a full moon ride is the time of the month and the effects the moon has on the weather and light it produces. So if it were to be a night ride it would have to be on the night of the full moon for maximum effect.
    As this is the first of many to come we can discuss this further for the next ride.

    In saying this i hope you can make this ride, it will be great to see you there. :)
  5. This looks great.
  6. If its a FullMoon ride cos everyone's goin bare arsed, then i'm in.
    Howl at the Moon!!!!! :butt:


  7. that would be cool another all nighter.... like the icicle ride...

    note to self.... don't follow VIC!
  8. As i understand it, this ride is a day ride.

  9. Yes it is a day ride

    But 2 things can happen

    1. We stay with the day ride for the this one and organise the next full moon to be a night ride.


    2. This ride is changed to a night ride in which case it meeds to be moved to Wednesday 3rd of Jan as this is the day of the full moon.

    I am not fussed i just want a monthly ride to look forward to and the full moon happens every month so thats my reason for starting this.

    Night ride sounds fantastic but need suggestions on route as the hills would probably be a bit risky.
  10. When does the next full moon fall on a weekend?
    I think thats the main thing to consider, cos otherwise many people wont come due to work commitments etc.
    But Im up for either :)
  11. A ride to look forward to every month sounds good. Count me in.

    Will there be any rituals or sacrifices? :shock:
  12. March 3rd full moon is a Saturday

    That will be a great time for a night ride!

    PS: Lookout for anyone that starts growing mysterious amounts of hair :shock:
  13. Nope I can't do march the 3rd...thats super bikes weekend, I'll be at PI.
  14. Some issues with riding at night though - like your lights don't point around corners. ;)

    Oh, and there's the wildlife!
  15. Thank you for yout concerns Tenoq

    This ride is definately going ahead as a day ride.

    If any of the future full moon rides are a night ride my suggestion would be for it to be a westgate ride or something in the area of well lit roads.
  16. Very much up for this, I've been wanting a good full moon ride but haven't got the experience to start one my self.

    Possibly have future rides start to wrap up around twilight? Do most of the riding through the hills during day time, and start to finish up by going through burbs at twilight, and finishing somewhere that has a decent view of the full moon rising for the night (eg, western side of Port Phillip bay, or western part of Western Port Bay, somewhere that has a few of to the east basically.)

    Dinner and social fun before we all head home :grin:
  17. I like the idea of a night full moon ride, but I'll more than likely come for the day ride as well. Good idea Joe. :)
  18. Great idea. I like the idea of a late ride that finishes somewhere safe riding in the moonlight. During Summer it should even be possible during work days.

    I'm a tentative for joining the first ride, in the daylight.
  19. I'd definitaly be up for a night ride, as work commitments keep me busy during the day.
  20. Ride Update

    I went on the first part of the route today and i must say it is a beautiful scenic ride.

    There are valleys, hills, forests, ascents and descents there were even young foals laying about in the sun with their mums.

    The ride will include the Spur so for those of you that are still Spurgins this ride is probably a good ride to break yourself in as it is going to be an easy going ride.

    Yet to do the sighting for the return trip but have tested several possible routes and will investigate further.

    I will keep you posted.

    Merry xmas to you all and stay safe on the roads, look forward to seeing you on the Full Moon Ride 1.