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[VIC] Full Moon Ride III - The GOR, Sat Mar 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Joe Torcasio (jypt)

    Full Moon Ride III - The GOR - Sat March 10th
    Class 3 Intermediate+

    Polish up your bikes and pad up your bums we’re going on a big one!

    Due to commitments I have made this ride a week after the true full moon
    date of March 3rd.


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  2. I went down the GOR today, down via Torquay and back via Deans Marsh, which was a great route I'd love to do again. There was some road works between Deans Marsh and Winchelsea but that should be clear by the 10th.
  3. Hey Joe,
    Now that the date is changed, I might be able to make it for some of the ride. I'll be in Lorne from the 9th... Hopefully I'll remember to message or call you to find out what time you guys are coming through.

    Talk about good timing!!


    PS. Where's Chef and his new wheels?!?
  4. Sulking. :cry:
    I'm having trouble finding time to ride the new beast.
    It now takes me half the time to get to work and home again. :wink:
    I'm seriously considering getting to work and turning around just to get some extra k's. :roll:
    I said i'd never ride to GOR on a fiddy.
    I also said i never ride it on a weekend.
    Hell, 1 out of 2 aint bad, I'm in!

  5. awright now we're cooking

    the scheffer is coming :grin:

    you know what i said in the brief about those who ride with veins popping out, i reckon your one of them scheffer. lol

    and i expect some monos too :grin:
  7. i heard about those routes but dont quite know enough to lead them. i reckon on the day we could organise a leader to take us back that way.
  8. I might be interested, would certainly be interested if the ride went through Deans Marsh to Apollo bay and back along the GOR.
  9. thats the route i was thinking snowball and hoping someone would take up the lead on it. As i havent been that way and its too far for me to go and test run a leader at least to Apollo Bay via Deans marsh would need to put their hand up.
    In-which going by this good netrider folk should not be a problem. :grin:
  10. Yep, looks good. I'm in.
  11. Will there be any rituals and sacrifices on this ride. :shock:
  12. Joe check out this route


    Courtesy of Roarin.

    depends how many L platers are coming :p
  13. Nee, i clicked but she's a broke mate... :?
    Can you have a look at it for me, looks like lots of scwiggly bits :grin:
    be good to file for later. :wink:

    Cheers Scheff
  14. Sorry i took a couple of days getting back to you Nee. I just got back from a week in the bush.

    Great route Nee and have checked out the link that popeswd posted, thanks popeswd it worked fine.

    Now all we need is a leader that knows the route and roads.

    Is there any of you nice Netrider folk out there that would like to lead this day, if so please put your hand up.
  15. sweeet, thanks tony.

  16. Hi ya.
    Bike is finally ready, so i could be up for a GOR squirt.
    But my bike has a range of between 150-180kms, Not sure what it does now with the fresh rebuild. So if people dont mind waiting to fill up every so often, i should be a goer.


  17. Chef what's your email? PM me I'll send you the pdf version.
  18. i hope to make it on the ride on Sat.
    Its been over six months since the GOR road.
    cheers. :grin:
  19. If anybody is comming from Rowville way there is a run from Wellington Road on ramp to the monash freeway. Leaving there 8:30am for the meet point of Westgate Freeway servo.

    Hope to see you there looks like it might be a good weekend. :biker: