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[VIC] Full Moon IV – Black Spur – Reefton, Sat Mar 31st

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Joe Torcasio

    Full Moon IV – Black Spur – Reefton

    The Black Spur is calling and we are coming. So get your butt on your bike and get on the ride. Its gonna be a HOOT.

    Due to the full moon which is Monday 2 April, the ride has been posted for the closest Sa...

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  2. Now all I need is headlights that point around corners. :cry:
  3. What The?
  4. Will there be any rituals and sacrifices on this ride? :shock:
  5. I would love to come but is it alright that i'm very inexperienced? Only had my bike for just over a month, still on the Loony plates. Is the ride open to everyone? I'm very keen but I understand if it's mainly for experienced riders. I live in Emerald so can I meet everyone there?
  6. Sure buddy you can come, just stay within your limits and if it gets too hot you can always peel off.
    About meeting in Emerald i havent decided on the exact route yet but i will let you know later in the week. Going thru Emerald is an option but it is to be confirmed.
  7. When it comes to the twisty stuff, can it be said now and possibly on the day. If someone is up you're butt when going around corners, DO NOT SPEED UP ON THE STRAIGHTS :evil: Also, if theres a lot of corners, slow the heck down, and move to the left side of the corner, let them pass. PLEASE.

    Its going to be bad enough with traffic up there, it'll be more annoying for if unconfident riders get greedy on the road. :grin:
  8. And worse still.. irratic riding.. :?

    I'd love to come to this one, since it's going to be a fantastic ride! However.. I'll be away for the weekend. Everyone have a good one! Ride safe :grin:
  9. Ride Update

    The final decision on the ride will be Saturday Morning at 9:00am, Look for the post here from myself.

    Due to the weather predicted so far i will wait until what happens on Friday before making any call. eg. How much wind, rain and any other news that comes around, this will determine whether we go through Reefton or not.

    The weather reads clearing shower on Saturday and thats good enough in my books to keep it on.

    I at this point am still going but keep an eye on this thread for the final word on Saturday morning at 9:00am.
  10. why dont you bunch ride earlier then come play paintball against CBR250.com :grin:
  11. Ride Update

    The ride is on

    I will be at the meeting point just after 10:00am for a 10:30 departure.

    And to VTRSteve yes we will be passing through Emerald about 10:45.

    Get on your bike and get on the ride, what else are you gonna do today. :grin:
  12. jypt. Thanks for organising another great ride. It was good to meet the new folk too.
  13. Ride Report

    I would like to start by thanking everyone for a great days ride.

    Thanks to Sir Ride Alot for TEC as usual a fantastic job.

    There were 7 riders that made the ride today and i must admit that before today i was a big fan of big groups.
    Well today has put a new perspective on social riding. The small group was absolutely fantastic, the pace just flowed nicely.

    The day started a bit dodgy with some clouds but as it turned out - what a glorious day it was. We headed off thru Emerald and on to that road the "Lauching Place Gembrook Rd" There we did the usual go at your own pace and regroup at end.

    From there we headed off into Warburton and on our way to Reefton, we made a slight detour and went up Mt Donna Buang, well wasn't that an experience, "effin freezing" was the quote but well worth it. A brief stop before Reefton where there were about another 10 or so bikes also about to embark on there Reefton journey.

    Reefton was great as we belted thru and headed towards the Blackspur Road house for a well earned burger, Thanks Raph and the team you never let us down, great food.

    After a late lunch we all decided to head thru the Spur and onto our own way home and as usaul the Spur was great, is it ever not!

    There were no incidents to report and i believe everyone has made it home safely and with smiles on faces.

    These were the tings that came out of today,
    1. We need to finish earlier so "Grunge" can see it all the way thru.
    2. Ivan you definatley need to get some serious clothing to ride in the mountains.
    3. Small groups are great and maybe future rides will have to be capped.
    4. I definitely need to get another bike and with more power, yeah!!!

    Once again thanks to all, what a day. :woot:
  14. Road conditions???
    What's it like up there after this week's rain?
    I'm heading up Sunday morning, sso I woulddn't mind some info.
  15. I wasn't on this ride, but the road on the Black Spur was fine, wet patches here and there but little to no debris on the road... :)
  16. Dave, are you going tomorrow?
    I Might get to see the new weapon up close yeah?

  17. Dude, it's okay.. it was kinda my fault too for not blocking the entire day out. I mean, historically we've always finished about 4ish or so you know? :]

    It was a GREAT ride for me, especially since I haven't had a good ride for about 3 weeks now, and I'm sure you guys can tell the way I'm taking it real easy.

    The ride did go much more quicker than I thought, especially since I thought I was holding the back end behind. I guess a smaller group will always make things go faster. :]

    It was great to go on the full moon ride again with everyone, and I'll be sure to catch the next one, I mean I've only missed one so far! 3/4, that's not to bad I think. :)