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[VIC] FS 2000 Model ZZR250 *Sold*

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. 2000 model ZZR250
    44,000km (mostly rural).
    Vic Reg ZN128 & RWC with clear title.
    Tires 95% chain and sprockets VGC.
    Small crack in RH fairing from a stationery drop only (It’s a learner bike after all).

    Very reluctant but genuine reason for selling this garaged and well maintained learner or cheap commuter bike.

    These bikes have proven to be very reliable and will be cheap biking for someone over their “restricted†period.

    $3000 including full printed workshop and supplement manual.

    Can inspect in Sale or surrounding areas. Test rides when a deal is done.
    PM for further info.
  2. Sale?? Bummer :( I don't suppose you are planning a ride to Melbourne anytime soon??? :grin:
  3. What's wrong with a 250 km ride home?
    More time to enjoy the bike.
  4. It's more the drive down with the missus and kids I am worried about! :LOL: The deal seems pretty good though....... hmmmmmmmm
  5. Theres a train to sale....
    Sit on it in bike gear making revving noises.
  6. I probably should explain. THe bike is for the Mrs. Much as I like to think that I make all the decisions, she would probably want to have a look. :roll: :LOL: Given that it would be her first ride after getting her learners, 250ks might be a bit much for her so I will probably have to ride it home. Good suggestions though! :grin: If there's something else I haven't thought of, let me know!! :LOL:
  7. Palm kids off on someone, go down inspect bike, buy bike.
    When you get back let the wife 'thank' you for helping with the bike and riding it back for her.
  8. Are you offering to babysit for 8 hours?? :? I'll need a "Working with Children" check, 3 references, child care qualifications and list of experience. I'll pay you with a slab. (NOT in advance) :LOL: :LOL: Unfortunately our permanent babysitters (Grandparents) are in Broome or thereabouts at the moment :cry: Keep trying though :wink: It'll probably be sold before I stop coming up with excuses at this rate. :mad: :roll:
  9. PM's sent :wink:
  10. I hope Mrs B has a lot of fun.
    Nice to meet you FreddyB.

    Looks like I owe geeth a beer :) (or Mrs 2wheelsagain does)
  11. hehe
    Good to hear mate.
  12. Yeah, one of us shed a tear as it went up the street.

    She'll get another bike soon I hope.
  13. Did she hand you a tissue?
  14. I almost felt guilty riding it away :(

    On a brighter note, I could barely get the Mrs off it once I got home!! She LOVES it and rode it up and down our Court about 50 times. She even made it all the way around the block :grin:

    Great little bike. Great deal and an absolute pleasure doing business with you!! If you ever need a reference, let me know :wink:

    Oh and I could believe how much fun I had on it!! I was dreading a 3 hour ride on such a small bike, but as expected it didn't miss a beat!! Perfect day until about Pakenham and then I got HAMMERED by the wind until I got home. I had forgotten how much you get blown around on a 250 :shock: Makes riding a bike that is 80 kg's heavier positively BORING :LOL: :LOL:

    CHeers again
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.