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[Vic] Friday Coffee Nights - Mornington

Discussion in 'VIC' started by pat65, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Ok, alot of discussion, not much action. Will be there about 7-7.30 with pillion, so that makes two so far :p

    Pig & Whistle Tavern
    365 Purves Rd,
    Main Ridge, VIC 3928.
    Melway Ref: 171 G8

    From 7.30pm onwards
    for Menu and pricing goto

    Can change venue if someone knows a good spot (I'm no expert on the matter).

    Just need replies soon to know if it is worth heading down there. And if you have to drive, so be it.

  2. Good luck on starting a new coffee night on the same night as the biggest and most popular coffee night of the week... :cool:
  3. ^ Meh, I'll take local thanks.

    I will try to make it, I am out for dinner, if coming will be driving - if not will make it for sure next week - can't be more definite than that :) Pat, will PM you for yr mobile.
  4. I put a freakin events thingo in...not my fault it hasn't been accepted yet :p

    Should be there the same time. If it's not raining I'll ride, if it is, I'll drag Sverre along in the car :)
  5. I was happy for any night. It just seemed that Friday suited more people. :p
  6. Doh!! cant make it,pooh!! but will make the effort next week,i tryd to post it but no luck by the looks :( is anyone doing that ride Baylink has organised on sunday?? 9am mornington honda to loch,about 200ks all up
  7. Baylink as in Baylink Hastings? What ride? Huh!?
  8. yeah baylink hastings
  9. Yeah Rory - I live about 2 min drive from Baylink, had no idea either! Ahh well, next time!
  10. well me and a mate are gona head down there,so it better still be on lol :LOL:
  11. be easyr if this pants chat room worked lol
  12. Sorry guys and gals I live 5 minutes from there but will be on my weekly taxi service driving kids all over Vic to basketball, ah well better than them sniffin' glue I reckon.
  13. Just spoke to my girl, she wont be at my place until 7.00pm. She's not feeling to good and may not be up to being a pillion. I could always drive her down I suppose.
    So, who is going? Is there many? Is it still worth doing tonight?
    Post up if you are coming.
  14. As mentioned, 50/50, prolly more 70/30 not - dinner date plus just drove my GF's damaged car home after being hit by a runaway truck :mad: Dave (sirprice) is prolly coming, said he'd check here asap. Even if there's only 2 or 3 it's worth it :)
  15. ok, leaving in 10 minutes, should be there just after 7.30
  16. Sorry guys I left a message with Eazyryder , but when I got home I could not log on to NR to find which venue or who was going until now 820 ish and I now have to go on a kids taxi run. :(
    Ah well we will be more organised NEXT Friday at the Royal wont we .

    Organising a local coffee nite is easy even tho its on the same nite as one of the more poular tho distant to us venues. :grin:
    We just have to get our shit together.

    Anyone doing the Baylink ride to Loch ? I heard about it from a work mate , tis a bunch he rides with , bastard I cant do Sunday so will have contend with a ride from Pakenham towards Yarra Junction on Saturday arvo if i can get kids taxiing out the way.
    It will be a cruise cos I just got done for 93 in a 90 Zone in the friggin ute out Melton way.FK :evil:
  17. Next Fri I'm definetely up for coffee, I'll be able to ride then too :) Then off to PI for the Supers on the Sat :grin:

    93 kays Dave? I just paid mine today - 121/100 at Tooradin last month :oops: That hurt!
  18. REPORT…so how was your 1st coffee? Get lotsa people?
  19. The night went ahead as planned. We had 5 people (4 bikes) so it's a start. :)
    Was a good night to sit outside with a couple of cool drinks beside the bay with a red sky as a backdrop. Met some nice people and hopefully it builds from here. Although I cant make it down next week. :oops:
  20. umm roade past at about 9:30 and no one there :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Maybe next time :grin: :grin: