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[VIC] FREE Suade show for Lenna, Thurs 15th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Bollocks, forgot to add this to calendar so it's missed the mailout...

    We're doing a show next Thurs night down at the Royal Talbot 'cuz I know Lenna likes a bit o' singin' and whatnot and it's a good chance for a mega Netriderthon down at the rehab zone and to catch up with our sore buddy.

    We're gonna regale the dinner room with a couple sets and hopefully have a riot of a time and piss the nurses off by making too much noise. Can't wait.

    What? An evening of Suade shenanigans.
    Where? Royal Talbot Rehab Centre, you know the one.
    When? Thurs 15th Feb, 7.30pm
    How much? Absorootery nothing.

    So if you wanna come down please post here so we can manage numbers. :grin:
  2. Thursday? Next week? Lenna?

    I should be there :grin:
  3. hmmm... where is this place, don't think i know how to get there :LOL: see ya all there :wink:
  4. :WStupid: always wanted to use that one :rofl:

    see you there Lozzo, Lenna, Stewy and whoever else is there :grin:

    My bike should even be back together again so can go for some laps of the Boulevard :twisted:
  5. Count me in too! :)
  6. How very exciting! I havn't seen you guys sing yet, I'll be there

    But Loz, is your arse up to the task?
  7. My arse plays a smaller role in the show than might be expected.
  8. Way to dash a girls heart :cry:
  9. I'm in And got the better half coming to.
  10. Im there........do you need a sound engineer.....cos Im not doing it.

    See you all there.
  11. Can I bring ear plugs??
  12. Now it looks like I won't be able to get there. :cry:

    Bloody schools and their bloody meet-the-teacher nights... :evil:
  13. Call that "dial-a-dad" number and get them to go...then you don't miss out!
  14. We had our meet and greet tonight so hopefully we can make it Thursday night.
  15. Ill be there with bells, I heard a cd of your Loz & I was mighty impressed!
  16. Yeah, he sings like an angel in his underpants. ;) :LOL:
  17. yep yep yep i'll b there!!!!! :dance: can u do the animal noises pleeeeze???

    oh and is it cool if i bring a few extras???
  18. I can make this one, too!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!
  19. I was going to see Lenna on the 15th but I may change days as from the sounds of it….its going to be a full house! Hope you all enjoy the show :)
  20. w00t, sounds like a plan!

    I'll try be there with bells on!