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[VIC] Free Members ONLY X-mas BBQ, Sun Dec 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Netrider

    FREE Netrider Xmas BBQ for all members and their families. We will supply the sausages, bread, salad, and cordial. You supply the chairs, soccer balls, and fun.

    Date: Sunday 16th December, 2007
    Time: 11:00am - > 2:00pm

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  2. lol..first to reply. :woot: I'll keep that day free. :)
  3. Rsvp'd :)

    Last year's seem like just yesterday! :shock: I still remember blue 14 trying to crash into me at the lights. :LOL:
  4. :woot: First Victorian Christmas in a looooong time!! Count me in! :grin:
  5. RSVP'd , wouldn't miss it.
  6. RSVP'd here too :cool:
  7. OMG :shock: and i thought the shopping malls started advertising early :shock: :LOL:
  8. +1

    Discussions about Christmas (**shudder**...I can't even say it) this early in the year! :shock:

    crazy, I tell ya....crazy!
  9. I've already started with the chrissy shopping, hope to be finished by September :cool: That leaves December free to party on :)
  10. as long there are no deaths in the family (touch wood) or lung transplants (double-touch wood) this year..... myself and MrsRidesCbr will be there.

    mickyb, lets get a NSW ride going :)
  11. I was waiting for Bangr to do some something unusual, like a burnout or a wheelie.. :LOL: I had forgotten all about that.. :grin:
  12. Don't you mean something USUAL??? :LOL:
  13. I'll be leaving the sundrenched shores for a few weeks in snow-clad england so i wont make it this year either :(
  14. Free to Netrider members or only free netrider members allowed as in ones that are not a member of netrider?
  15. marked in the diary.... will be there for sure.....at this stage
  16. Nah it means only the BBQ'ed "members" are free. Vic calls 'em sausages but I have my doubts... :LOL: .

    Oh and way to early for me to know what I'll be doing that weekend, hope I'll be able to make it this year.
  17. is this date set in rock hard concrete, and not likely to be changed???
  18. netrider members is as in paid members with netrider member <<<over there on the left
  19. Hmmm, got to love him though.. :grin: Oh and ill be there Vic.. :cool:
  20. I was told that that date was available, I requested that date, once the receipt comes back, I'll know for sure if we have that date secured.