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[VIC] Frankston man convicted over Youtube video

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Apr 8, 2008.

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  2. :LOL:

    There's nothing on Denham road except the BHP recreation reserve. It's 2.1(ish) km of straight road! :roll:
  3. Jeez haven't we all??
  4. What a dickhead, not for driving over the speed limit but for admitting it.
    Had he denied the fact they wouldn't have had a case. A camcorder is not a recognised device for measuring speed.
  5. How did the police track this fellow down? Did the video have him in it, the car's rego, or any other identifying marks? Or was he simply dobbed in by Youtube, using IP addresses and talking to his ISP?
  6. and the foolish guy made his mistake here

    "He said on June 23 Hastings police arrested Read, who surrendered a camcorder and a computer and made full admissions"
  7. with all these youtube videos being used as evidence in court...

    how exactly do they prove the authenticity of the video... same applies with images...

    photoshop can do wonder for photos.... as there are other tools out there that can do wonders for videos.... and if you get some ego driven person that wants to show off, who says they cant modify a video to show something its not....
  8. As I have said before (and been howled down) Videos / postings can be used as evidence.

    Especially when people admit to the offence as well.
    In the case of the admission (like here) the admission is used to "prove" the video evidence. It is therefore also "authentic" as you have admitted it is.

    So once again I reiterate.

    (i) DO NOT post videos with your face, rego, speedo etc in them.
    (ii) If you are contacted / issued with a summons, admit NOTHING,
    (iii) Spend the $$ and see a lawyer!
  9. This is the best advice, and video/images showing an offence can be used in evidence. The best thing to do here is STFU and admit nothing. Then the Police must PROVE the case, they must prove a speedo shown inside a car etc reading a figure above the legal limit (assuming that limit can be identified along with the location of the offence) is reading as shown.

    Making admissions is cooking your own goose, deny every inference Police make, and refuse to answer any questions. If they arrest you and want to interview you, say nothing, refuse to answer anything. this will make it too difficult to prove in most cases and they will release you and it will be over.
  10. o/s but related:

    i say if one is stupid enough to post questionable stuff on the internet they deserve to get get caught and punished!
  11. Wouldn't it just be so much easier if after performing exploits that you NOT post them up publicly and try to become some kind of hero? Seriously we have all done silly things but if you record it and it falls into the wrong hands it can be used against you, even if you refuse to admit anything it is not hard for police to look at the car rego numbers in the background, track down who was driving them and gather evidence against you that way. If you are going to do this stuff don't post it and brag for the world to see!
  12. "Then the Police must PROVE the case, they must prove a speedo shown inside a car etc reading a figure above the legal limit "

    Ever heard of distance over time to calculate a speed?
  13. You need to know the distance and know the time. Yeah, of course.

    So, how do you know the video is not sped up or slowed down?
  14. Edit: Nevermind, Devotard beat me to it.