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(Vic)For your older bikes

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by BlueRex, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Hi just wanted to give good feedback on
    Johnson Cycle Tune in South Melbourne Vic

    A lot of places won't touch older bikes like my 30 year old GSX.

    However the guy here is great, he sourced all second had parts for me in order to keep costs down.

    The bike is now running but i have had problems starting it. He offered to come and pick it up from my home as he felt bad that he hadn't fixed it properly in the first place.

    he may seem a bit grumpy but he really is a nice guy.

  2. Excellent recommendation - some workshops are now saying 15 years is the oldest they'll work on bikes. Keep us posted on the starting issue.
  3. ive got an 88 Spada and have been finding the same problems.

    DO NOT GOTO BIKES PLUS in essondon north

    went to get my fork seals and RWC for a bike i just bought, dropped the key off as they were emptying stubbys down the gutter from the night before. OK then. came back and there like 'oh u didnt leave a key', me- 'ummm yes i did its on the bench' - them ' o right' 'i'll call you tomorrow and drop off your RWC' call never came..... then it was christmas and too hard to get a rwc done before end of year. I'll never go back.
  4. Well the starting issue is quiet embarrassing actually haha.

    I have never had a bike with an old style manual choke.
    What i was doing is pulling the choke out and releasing it, then trying to start the bike when actually i should have been pulling the choke out and holding it out while i try to start it :|

    Oh well live and learn, he was good about it.