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[VIC]For a SLAB of *insert drink name here*

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Gday guys,

    I am due for a 24000km service on my VL250. i beleave it needs:

    Valve clearances ?

    Carby tuned and cleaned

    all the normal shite (oil, air......) <----------- i can do this part

    Im in the frankston area and ive decided that i hate mechanics so - if anyone out their knows how to do the above and is willing to walk me through it ill gladly hook them up with something delicious to drink! (beers obviously the best :p)
  2. Jack Daniels.

    Unless the valves use shims, then it'd have to be 5.

    But seriously, we can organise a spanner day/night if you're keen, you'd have to get to Yarraville though.
  3. Yeah?! Cool as!

    That would be wicked!

    How hard is it to do the carby and the valves?
  4. Not very, maybe an afternoon's work...

    A mate of mine needs to do chain & sprockets too, I'll organise a day & let you know.
  5. That would be awsome.
  6. So the $250 was too good to be true?
  7. Well the bloke on the phone seems a little dodgy and keeps saying
    "if we find anything dangerous its our duty of care to fix it"

    Im just a little warry
  8. I assume after first contacting you and clearing that it's okay to proceed the work (and extra cost).
  9. Rightly so. I have friends who've had experience with car mechanics that have tried doing the hard sell - claiming that they can not legally release the car without expensive repairs and that if the owner tries to take it away they have to report them to Police for driving an unroadworthy vehicle.
  10. Bollocks. Magic words are 'I'll just give fair trading a ring'. Suddenly the price goes back to the quote.
  11. He also wont give me a writen quote because - "If the price goes down it will be diferent from the writen quote"
  12. Bullshit. You ask for a written quote you get one. Take it to another shop idiot.
    Old mate's figured you for a numpty and he's planning to cut you up for a few quid.
  13. I thought so...

    Well if he wont give me a written quote you lot will be doing my service!
  14. I'd be interested in a spanner night and yarraville sounds good.
    I just serviced the runabout cage. Changed oil, oil filter, spark plugs, wiper blades and a few blown bulbs.
    Think it's time I started to learn how to do my own service on my own bike.
    Bikes not due for a service for a while but I may come down to check out what's being done and can give a hand if needed.
  15. On the tools this saturday arvo if you guys are free.

    Haven't got enough time to organise a full on spanner day, but let me know if you're keen & I'll PM the addy.
  16. Pm me the details thanks.
  17. I'd love to know how to adjust valve clearances. I think its part of my 40K service which is now over due. I'm in flemington.
  18. If it's the bike in your avatar, it'll be a shim system, rather than a screw & locknut system, which means you need to leave the bike overnight (so it's a room temp), rip off all your plastics, try & get access to the valve cover, remove said valve cover, measure your clearances, remove camshafts & shims, measure shims, spend 3 hours trying to work out which shims you need, spend 3 days trying to track down the right shims, give up, buy a shim set on eBay US, wait 3 days, then put it all back together (inc torquing the cams), measure clearances again, realise you've got 1 wrong, strip the camshafts out again, change shim, put it all back together, measure your clearances again, assuming they're right this time, put everything else back on!


    That's assuming you don't run into too many problems. ;)

    Screw & locknut: Measure your clearances, undo the locknut, adjust screw to correct clearance, retighten locknut.

    There's a bit more to it of course, but it's a damn sight easier than shims!

    Get a transverse V-Twin with a screw & locknut valve adjustments for simplicity.

    You're welcome to pop over if you want, I'll send you the addy.
  19. Sounds like a whole bunch of fun. Might still come though. I'm sure there's something I can learn. Need anything other than the bike?
  20. Yep, I think it took 10 days all up to do mine last time.

    Nah, pretty sorted for everything I think.