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[VIC] Footscray Rd, Footscray

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by adprom, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Anyone have any idea what substance was on the road near roberts rd this afternoon? It was barely noticable and I didn't realise there was something wrong with the surface until ABS kicked in and a slight skip of the front wheel sideways as I came to a stop.

    Didn't look like oil or diesal but the tyre flicked whatever it was onto the exhaust and a white smoke was created. Putting my foot down was really slippery as well. Got out of there OK, and there was a fire engine nearby for what seemed to be an unrelated event.

    Wondering if anyone knew what it was and a heads up to anyone going through there along the train line.

  2. Re: Footscray Rd, Footscray

    it was footscray do you reallly want to know?
  3. Re: Footscray Rd, Footscray

    Pho bo?
  4. Re: Footscray Rd, Footscray

  5. Re: Footscray Rd, Footscray

    ABS-easier than looking.
  6. Re: Footscray Rd, Footscray

    sunshine road?
  7. Re: Footscray Rd, Footscray

    I reckon you're right apollo.
  8. Re: Footscray Rd, Footscray

    Acually yeh, Im not in the area often so dont know the roads that well.