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[VIC] Flowerdale Recovery Ride, Sun May 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, May 17, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Phillip White

    Flowerdale Recovery Ride from Healesville
    May 24, 2009

    Motorcycle, sidecar, scooter and trike riders will assemble at the "Beechworth Bakery" in Healesville for a 10 am start on Sunday, May 24. All welcome. The assembled riders will travel to the F...

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  2. anybody going to this?
  3. If am not asked to work. I will attend. Have been given the rolling eyes by the missus, so thats a good sign. Quickly followed by, ' I thought you weren't going ion anymore rides for a while?'

    If the weather is anything like the GLO rious day today (Monday) then I'm in.

    Also will be fun to be actually doing the ride as opposed to the RFTH in April where everyone else got to go and us organizers tailed at the very end!!

    All for a great cause too.


    EDIT. Have been asked to work that day, so I'm out.
    Bet the weather is gonna be awesome as well. 'Sods Law'.
  4. Me and the missus will be going under the auspices of the Norton owners club, I will probably take the Commando as Helen will be on the 650 Thunderbird. Most of the group will be meeting at the beechworth bakery in Healsville at 9.30, the handbrake says she will try to make it on time but experience tells me otherwise :roll:
  5. G & J
    will be there on the Yam xs650 (29 yrs old / young)
  6. Update on the Flowerdale recovery ride.
    Well the missus proved me wrong! we arrived at the bakery with enough time for a coffee and a socialise with the assembled crew, good weather meant a strong showing with many fine examples of the Indian marque. we headed off for a leisurly ride up the chumcreek rd to Toolangi and over the melba hwy for a brief stop at Kinglake and then on to Flowerdale hotel. The event was well attended by various bike clubs and several members of the hot rod club, the organiser made the announcement we had raised over six thousand dollars for the Flowerdal community by doing what we love, "getting it out and playing with it"
  7. John Holmes would be proud of you.
  8. they said over 200 bikes there!!! tooksome photos of the old bikes. it was good weather, though a little windy.