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[VIC]Flashed for going too far below speed limit? Gun In Car

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by destroyer5787, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. As the title says, was travelling down blackburn road yesterday, got to the top of the hill and was going slow cos
    a) it was a hill
    b) it had just rained,

    and i passed a car that that looked like a speed camera at the crest of the hill, did a headcheck.. yup it was, checked my speedo bout 45km/h in a 60km/h zone, figure no worries, continue on my merry way and i got flashed... o_O looked around, no one behind me except a car travelling the opposite way so he could hace only been me.... cos the camera was pointed to my rear view plate not the other direction.

    Was the cop toying with me and just trying to scare me? cos i took a glance? or once you get flashed is that it you get fined? can you be fined by radar/laser watever he had for going below the speed limit???

    Thanks guys,

  2. Re: [VIC]Flashed for going too far below speed limit? Gun In

    Only if you're impeding other traffic. Of course there's a number of other reasons why they might have set it off manually - like if there's no l-plate on the back of the bike (and they think there should be)
  3. I'd say the camera operator was bored and just set off the flash manually.
    you won't be booked for anything as you were not impeding traffic.
    One time i stopped at an intersection that terminated at beach road in South Melbourne, to my right was a speed camera car and because i was checking it out the guy set off the flash then smiled.
    He was probably bored.
    BTW no cops operate camera cars they are all done by private operators.
  4. With a mobile device, they sometimes do 'live' testing, where they set the device off, but just to calibrate, adjust, check if it's a good place, etc. I had a flash years ago over the top of a crest here in Wollongong, and I was definitely a bit over the limit, but I never received an infringement notice....
  5. +1 Hornet.

    My siser in law was copper when they used to sit in the cars, and if it's just being set up, they do 3 tests at varying set speeds to calibrate the tax machine.
  6. The camera can also be set to shoot both ways and could have shot the car going the other way. That is one of the reasons they give as to why they want us to have front number plates!
  7. I went through a greed/redlight camera one night in the patrol car. Checked my approach speed, 55km/h the thing over reads by 6km/h so essentially I was around 49km/h then flash, flash. fcuk off I say to my self.
    Then meh, who cares, middle of the night, no one around, she'll be right..

    She was, no ticket, all good. So I tried to replicate it a few times with no luck. Perhaps it was just "faulty" :shock: no way!!! not in Victoria ;)
  8. it may have just been some filthy pervert who has a 'bike rider's arse fetish'. :?
  9. Nup. Hornet lives in nsw :rofl:
  10. I can relate!

  11. I've seen that image 100 times and that's the first time I've noticed what's written on the sign in the background - I must be getting old :shock: