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[Vic] First Feb ride - 4th and 5th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Morning all.

    Yes, i know, have not been on-line all that often.... Sorry.

    OK, this is for the serious riders only, no tally-waker whinging riders that need to stop every 30mins for a smoke (sorry, i quit 11weeks ago )

    OK, here is the plan:
    Depart Melb 7:30am and ride to Jindabyne via ALL the twisties. Yes, including Chum and Black spur. When we hit Bright and run upto Hotham for lunch. Then, all the fun roads to Jindabyne for a fun filled night at the locals.....
    Home Sunday afternoon - routes to be selcted based on everyones mental and physical health the next morning


  2. I do believe Feb is a summer month mitch...
  3. Last I heard, Autumn starts on the first of March.
  4. I know I know..... just seeing if people are awake...... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Although, the ride is a serious ride for those interested.
  5. I thought Autumn started the end of feb start of march??

  6. SURE YOU WHERE!!!!! :roll: :LOL: :p
  7. OH well. Looks like nobody is interested in coming along.

    OK, confirmations so far:
    Me... :LOL:
  8. We're doing a similar ride that I've organised for the following weekend (10th-12th Feb). Heading to Beechworth for lunch on the Friday, then onto Tintaldra for Friday night. Then Saturday across to Merimbula via the Snowies (Jindabyne, Cooma, Brown Mountain, etc.) then home Sunday via Cathcart, Bombala, Cann River, etc..

    Got about 22 people going so far.
  9. Melbourne to Jindabyne in a day isn't too hard, but if you are going to add in Hotham and (I assume) the Omeo Highway, you could be looking at a fairly late arrival at Jindabyne.
  10. Hey MJT, that is my usual loop... Had not seen your ride posted, will look for it
  11. I made a note of it here somewhere, probably during normal conversation.

    I didn't enter it as an event or ride announcement as in past years, I've never had any takers from anyone in the forums.

    Our ride starts from Moe Maccas (Latrobe Valley, heading to Yarra Junction via Noojee to pick up the Melbourne starters, then to Beechworth for lunch via the Reefton Spur. Then on to Tintaldra for the night.

    Last year (or was it 2004) we met up with a few aus.motocycles people at Tintaldra. Interesting to put faces to names.