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VIC - First Car Crushed Under Inappropriate Hoon Law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Sadly the first car of a Victorian was crushed today. How did this come about?

    During a 3 OLD W interview, the uncle of one of the young people that died in a Mill Park car accident called that the cars of these people should be crushed. He also admitted to similar driving behaviour when he was younger.

    This person has basically told the ALP state government what to do and they did it. These are the people we elected and since when does one person speak for all of us.

    I say this is absolute bullshit and the ALP better pull its f’n head in and start representing the majority.
  2. A point I dont think they have considered with this policy is the possible implications of trying to enforce it. In example
    1. A guy is doing something stupid, the coppers see and turn on the party lights. The person sees the cops coming so he does one of two things. 1. he stops. 2. he realises he is going to lose his car so he takes the option of trying to run.
    2. The rule will be abused - cars will crushed in instances where it isnt warranted e.g. due to stupid laws like "exhibition of acceleration".

    Also why do you get your car crushed but I can rob a person and not face as severe consequences?
  3. Lay was on the radio this morning and apparently they'll only be crushing cars without too much value or with mods that would probably stop it getting a roadworthy. Others will be sold back into the community.

    Oh another thing mentioned was that any part of value ( as in high end sound gear ) would be removed and sold first.

    He also made another point that there are currently nearly 40 cars impounded where the owners have never gone back to collect them.
    Thought here seems to be that some actually buy el cheapo crummydores for obvious purposes and don't care if they lose them.
  4. Its obvious halifax, rob people to buy a new car?

    Joe that sounds like a nice way for them to make money, force you to surrender your car and sell it back to you a few times.
  5. i wonder if you could make an insurance claim on your car.

    1.) collect underpants
    2.) buy a piece of shit and insure it for agreed value
    3.) exhibit acceleration
    4.) car impounded/crushed
    5.) statuatory write of
    6.) profit
  6. ^^ Problem is that I couldn't see an insurer covering it for being crushed as it is a direct consequence of breaking a law.
  7. It's disturbing to think that we don't really own anything anymore.

    They've found a way to take our homes off us.
    They've found a way to take our transport off us.
    They've found a way to take our protection off us.
    They're trying to take our communication off us.
    I wonder how long until they try and take our opinions off us?

  8. The first of those is the internet filter, the second one is the proposed logging and monitoring of ALL internet browsing and search history and as the 99% cutting of the document (released under FOI) showed we aren't even going to get an input into the process.

    When all that lot comes in it'll become outright dangerous to have certain views and opinions...
  9. Just to add, it's not the first car that has been crushed. A few news articles I've read all mentioned this so I guess it's true :)


  10. I'd much rather get my car crushed than face, say 10 years in gaol if I had to choose from either as a particular punishment.
  11. You think the ALP is bad...

    Have a look at the Liberals policy 8-[

    A Baillieu Government will introduce tough new anti-hoon laws to reduce the damage to Victorian families caused by reckless driving and anti-social behaviour, Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu and Shadow Police Minister Peter Ryan said today.

    “The Coalition’s zero tolerance anti-hoon plan will make our roads and suburban streets safer by introducing tough new penalties and crushing hoon cars,” Mr Baillieu said today.

    A Baillieu Government will introduce tough new anti-hoon laws, including:

    immediate 30-day vehicle impoundment for a first hoon offence, and requirement that a safe driving course is completed by offender;
    up to three months impoundment for a second offence; and
    forfeiture and crushing of vehicles for a third offence after parts are stripped and sold.
  12. I won't cry at the funeral of any fascist who attempts to steal property from a member of the public.
  13. There already has been a concentrated effort to remove your opinion from you

    However this was done not fully by legislation but in combination with social engineering.

    By changing the language and the way people communicate and express themselves you can and it has been done stifle peoples opinions

    Political correctness speech and terminology is an example of this

    add to it its legislated offences and now you have a way of controlling how people express themselves

    However in saying this - the general public allows this to happen because they do not realise it is happening at the time untill one day they wake up and say " how the hell did we allow this to happen to us "

    Well the approach has always been the same as how you eat an elephant - one bite at a time

    So piece by piece , bite by bite these types of changes are implemented into society via said social engineering and legislation.
  14. Ok let me start off by saying I dont agree with the "hoon laws" as drafted and /or enforced. That needs work.

    Having said that, I really have no problem with a car being taken off some of the 18 yo idiots I see regularly.

    People need to remember a couple of things.
    To have a car "crushed":
    (i) It needs to be a 3rd offence;
    (ii) It needs to be an unroadworthy or unsafe "junker";
    (iii) The police need to make application to the courts and the courts need to make the appropriate order. Vicpol DO NOT have the power to crush cars themselves.

    The flip side is that roadworthy / saleable cars will be sold and the money applied as follows:
    (i) to any outstanding loan on the car;
    (ii) any extra to a road trauma organisation.

    Lastly a percentage of the junkers will be given to the SES so they can hone the skills needed to cut these idiots out when it all goes pear shaped.

    I'm not against having fun. I'm not in support of a "police state" and I think my credentials stand up against anyone here on that issue.
    I am against sharing the road with unskilled, testosterone fueled IDIOTS some of whom over the years I personally have had to look after while the innocent victim lay dead a few metres away, or while thier (innocent) now paraplegic g/f was cut out of a car.

    Lets stand back and have a real look at the "bad guys" here. Sadly, its not the government, or the police. It's some of us.
    The "hoon laws" were self inflicted.
  15. As a male I disagree with your expression and definition of a "hoon" because I can assure you that there are many a oestrogen fuelled idiot out there as well - granted they are a smaller percentage , however notwithstanding this fact - they do exist and to label IDIOTS as testosterone fuelled unfairly points to but approximately 50 % of the population.
  16. I apologise for the generalisation, but the statistics unfortunately back up what I said. Males in the 19-24 (ish) age range make up 80%-90% of the people both picked up and involved in accidents.

    It's a well known and proven fact that young males engage in "risk taking" behaviour whilst (most) you women do not.
  17. You have a good point - one that i do recognise from the onset regarding percentages male vs female

    however - risk behaviours can and does include mobile phone use while driving

    from an objective stand point i see more risk behaviours from women using phones and texting while driving than I do males -- their concentration on the road is extremely diminished - especially as it occurs mainly in traffic with many more vehicles in the immediate vicinity

    is this hoon behaviour - not by definition - does it cause a greater percentages of accidents that although may not lead to a violent death do cause a lot of permanent incapacitation and loss of ability thus creating a greater strain on society by means of requirement to assist and care for those now incapacitated to an extent where they are unable to function 100% - i personally believe so

    The accidents you speak of though generally are single vehicles ones in areas and times of low traffic

    lack of skill and ability is attributable to these accidents combined with unsustainable and inappropriate speeds

    they do more often than not lead to death and are highly dramatised in the media

    however the type of accident i have mentioned is more common place and so are the results of those accidents

    should the cars be crushed of those that put others at risk by diminishing their capability to control the vehicle by virtue that their attention is not on the control but rather sending a text ?

    where do we start or finish the line of what defines a hoon - anti social behaviour whilst in control of a car ? -- sure sounds good - but then what is anti social defined as ?

    I guess the answer is to produce a scale of risks based on ramifications of those anti social actions
  18. Does your perception of the number of women who "text" while driving versus the number of males who may do the same thing agree with the statistics?

    If so, can you post a link here, please?

    One reasonably accurate barometer of road behavior can be sought in how insurers levy their rates in age/sex groups. ie. 18 to 25 yo males are the highest to insure. What about females in the same age group?

    Remember, they base their rates on claims attributed to these groups. I s'pose that you can argue that the insurers use phantom data to justify screwing these people over, but unless that such an argument can be supported, people may call you on this.

    As for Chef's comments about "finding a way to take our homes away from us" it's always been this way. And it's not unique to Australia, either. But the others he has cited a a worry. A BIG worry.
  19. not sure how valid this is in Vic. With CTP included in the rego, how many people in this age group bother with additional insurances?
  20. I think the problem here is not the crushing of cars, but more how loose the definition of "Hoon" is in the eyes of the law.

    From the VicPol website:

    "What is hoon driving?

    Hoon driving causes a vehicle to travel at very high speed, or in a manner that produces burnouts and doughnuts. Dangerous driving, careless driving, failure to have proper control of the vehicle and causing the vehicle to make excessive noise or smoke are also considered hoon-related offences if they are committed in circumstances involving the improper use of a motor vehicle. A vehicle may also be impounded for evading police, driving while disqualified and for disobeying railway level crossing signals."

    This definition seems to be ever expanding and ever encapsulating.
    This is the real worry!

    How many of us have after market pipes on?? Causing a vehical to make excessive noise is a hoon offence... Lane splitting.. Mr plod often writes this up as careless driving or unsafe overtaking..