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VIC - First Bike: Anyone able to help me check it out?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Cowboy Mac, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. hi guys,

    I've been waiting for a Kawasaki ZZR-250 that hasn't done too many KMs and saw this one advertised here. I chatted to the seller and they've had it serviced at 1k, 6k, and 10k kms, and it has some small marks where it has been dropped/scraped once.

    I am going to check it out Wed 2nd (this coming Wed) at 7:30PM, and the bike is located at Mooroolbark (google maps). Anyone able to give me a hand to look at it to make sure its going to be an ok bike? There's a case of beer in it for the helpful person :)

  2. Well, I know where Mooroolbark is, and even tho I'm no mechanic, i know of a few things to look for.

    Unfortunately I'll be at the spanner night... unless we can move the spanner night project to be a bike inspection, i cannot make it :(

    Good luck with the purchase tho :)... BTW, make SURE they'll get a RWC for it for you. Dont accept "It's had one 3 months ago"... who knows what they've done to it.
    Unless you know what your up for that is. :)
  3. Well I can always move the inspection if you were willing to help :) Let me know. Also asked about the RWC, and they'll get one from Kawasaki for the person who wants to buy it so doesn't seem like an issue there.
  4. possibly could hep but haven't really got the time at the moment, if booga is up for a different day that would probably be better, will check back later

    i was in the market for a zzr but couldn't find one at the right price and time, ended up with GPX. Good things (both bikes)
  5. "Very good condition throughout"......... except for the drop/scrape? :?

    I'm no mechanic either, but could certainly come along for the ride/moral support on Wed nite. Give me a call if you don't get any better offers :grin: 0422 448855 or PM.
  6. Its worthwhile calling Drew at Rolling Motorcycle Repairs he does pre purchase evaluations, His # should be in white pages
  7. looks like a nice bike!

    would love to help you out but unfortunately that area is faaar far away from me.

    Good luck with it!
  8. VIN EX250EE179427 does not match VicRoads info.
    They have the plate as an 02 mod.
    Regardless of k's they are asking for top $$ for a bike that has a few "scrapes". Worth checking out though.
  9. The ad says it's a 2002 model.
    It is definitely on the higher side of the price range, though it does have low kms.
  10. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. :shock:
    My point was some of the ad matches some of the VR info but not all :wink:

    Oops, sorry mate. Just realised who you were :wink: Your old bike is going like a champ. Want to buy it back?
  11. i had one of these while doing my time, imo great bike and sounds about the money for what it is, depending on the damage/what sort of drop it had, but yeah it's no special price, but i reckon around 5k looks to be about right from the pics
  12. Oh that's sus then, if it's not matching up.

    Nah, I'm happy with my GS :) Mrs2WA enjoying it? She thinking of upgrading yet?!
  13. In another 12 months...... If she pulls finger out :)
  14. hi guys,

    I ended up contacting Drew from Rolling Motorcycle Repairs and got him to check it out. Provided a great service, and would recommend it to anyone. He gave me an extensive rundown adn it seems in good order, needs new rear brake pads which will be taken care of the roadworthy. I'm checking it out tonight and forgot to mention i'll be getting it for 5k rather than 5.4k, so i'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks for the help!
  15. hi guys, just wanted to let you all know the bike looked good in person so I ended up taking it. I need a hand to take the bike from Mooroolbark to Eltham because I don't have my gear organised yet, anyone able to help or know of a transport service that does small trips?
  16. Just get the seller to deliver it and drive them home, least they can do when you are buying their bike...
  17. Congrats on the purchase!

    I'm sure someone would be willing to ride it for you! Failing that, getting gear organised isn't that difficult...
  18. I did that for a mate recently... on his cbr rr 250.. tiny little bike!
    Someone will be able to do it, otherwise grab some gear sooner and do it yourself? if it's a long ride maybe not but I guess it depends... I rode my bike when I bought it over the west gate at 100kmph in high winds and was shit scared... loved it!!! *ahem* I mean, be safe.
    You might as well get your gear anyway