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Vic Fires

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Been watching the coverage most of today, Seeing the unbelievable video footage of the carnage and loss of life.
    With the toll now at 50 [ as reported on the 5pm news ] and most likely to climb even further as the police etc get to move into new areas.

    I can only imagine what the townsfolk are going through, I was up in Emerald fighting the ASH Wed fires and from what I'm seeing, as horrific as that week was, that week is looking like a walk in the park to what is going on now.

    To all our Volunteer firefighters, and all those helping in whatever way they can,
    I salute you

    To those that have lost a loved one/s , my deepest condolences.
    To those that have passed away I hope to god that it was quick and as painless as possible.
  2. it's gut wrenching IMO. then to add to that feeling the disgust knowing some of these fires were deliberately lit.

    i cant believe towns like Marysville, Kinglake, etc are all but destroyed. these towns are places we riders stop for refreshments, fuel, a rest, etc. they're gone now.

    i think a NR fund raiser ride (or similar) is in order. help these communities get back on their feet.
  3. I feel sick to the stomach about it.
    I watched as much as I could...
    My thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones.
  4. 76 dead, 750 homes
    getting worse by the minute, looks like a channel 9 newsreader and his wife also lost to the fires..

    not looking good :cry:
  5. I'm with Sheppo, on the fund raising idea...I live in the Dandy's so I am keenly aware of the danger surrounding us, and the fantastic riding enviroment it provides us.

    Even being removed and watching it on TV, it is heart wrenching...can't imagine what its like for the people on the ground there.

    Thoughts go out to all those affected.
  6. The human losses and personal tragedies are of course the worst things about this; but there are many types of grief involved in something like this and I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling painfully a sense of loss these beautiful places - towns and residents I've come to fall in love with. A town you love can become, through that, a part of your broader roots and, well, I just feel a bit sick about the whole thing!
  7. just heard there is a total 86 dead now.

    i was up at the southern80 this weekend. they got word out at about 200 that they had stopped the race as the ambo's had all been called out to the fires, so we hit the road. we had to come back through bendigo. traffic was insane, cars full of stuff and people milling around in groups everywhere. we got through about 1/2 an hour after they closed to roads into bendigo.

    this is just unmatched tragedy. im in for helping out.
  8. Chances are the house I grew up in (for 15 or so years) just outside Wandong/Kilmore has burnt down.

    Probably going to do a little road trip on Saturday to see what's left.. if anything :(

    It's really sad for me, but I know many people have lost a whole lot more.
  9. Talk about bad programming by channel 9 in melbourne
    They have a bushfire special, a tribute to Brian Naylor and now the movie which is called "Firewall"
  10. nd ABC Radio has Lindy BURNS doing some of the reporting this morning...
  11. During the day on Saturday, as the fires were approaching areas around Pakenham one of the television stations had an advert on for some franchise sale. Might've been a bedding company, can't remember. Anyway, they called it their red hot summer fire sale and the store was in Pakenham...
  12. Might I suggest that the Black Spur area and roads around Neerim be declared unofficial no ride roads for a week or two until this is all sorted out.
  13. I've just been talking to someone who works for DSE - you ain't got no choice. Lots of roads in that area will be officially off limits for several weeks to anyone without genuine reasons to be there. It could be 3 weeks before the fires are out.

    She said if anything the media reports are understating the problems.

    On another note - Dale Maggs has come up with a program that's being backed by the Premier's office. Temporary accommodation is going to be critical and they will institute a data base of people who have caravans they are willing to loan out for this purpose. Dale has already contacted Jayco who will be being involved and Coates hire and other places for showers and toilet facilites.
  14. I had no idea about the extent of the tragedy until we got back yesterday. Best wishes to Ray, Stookie, Lil, and everyone else living in the affected areas, and huge condolences to those who have lost family, friends and property. Hopefully bikers can turn out to be a strong group of benefactors - those areas have been bloody good to us over the years.
  15. i think it was CBR steve that had a brilliant idea. i know these people need money, but i bet they need physical assistance in starting again. i know its early days yet, but i think it would be an awesome idea to organise a huge group of us to head up to one of these fire stricken areas to help in clearing up, removing debris, and other duties as required, if only for just a day. does anyone know who we would contact to find out about something like this? i was thinking maybe the CFA, but others might have better ideas?

  16. They won't let you in, currently police and cfa are looking for bodies etc.
    Cleanup squads etc will not be allowed through there until the danger passes.
    This is what the locals feel
  17. Good idea, but one thing I learned from a flood relief effort a few years ago - don't go in until people are ready for you! It's important not to stretch the resources needed by the residents. It will be some time before cleaning up and rebuilding is possible, and it is best done with an experienced organisation in control.

  18. +1


    Can one of the mods make that Vicroads link a sticky?
  19. Wait a couple of weeks and help on a one on one basis will be very much appreciated.
  20. +1
    The best thing to do at the moment is donate and stay the hell away.

    It's far too dangerous to begin the clean up and as said, there aren't the resources to cater for those already there. More people means more lives to protect and mouths to feed, it's a hassle they don't need.

    Wait until the fires are out and and the areas declared safe, then see if people want help (and don't try to force help on those who don't want it).
    During the Benalla floods, the aid agencies and church groups had lists of elderly residents they hadn't heard from and directed us towards them for clean up assistance and deliveries of food and blankets etc... There may be a similar system going for the fires when flames die off, but wait a while so those who live there can at least assess the damage and get their heads around it all.