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[VIC] Fines for using "unapproved" helmet?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by grue, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Given the huge price differences between buying gear in the US and gear in Australia, I've been planning to buy everything except for the helmet from the US, and then buy the helmet locally. However, the more I think about it, the more tempted I am to get the helmet from the US, too. I see no reason to pay $600 for a Shoei helmet I can get for $300 next time I'm in the US.

    So… what's the fine for riding with an "unapproved" helmet, if it's the same model sold here, just without the sticker? Does anyone actually LOOK in the first place?
  2. Some do.

    If you're concerned, just rip the label off of a cheapo helmet (which according to aus helmet labelling laws are safer :roll: ) and stick it on your new one.
  3. An unapproved helmet may carry the death penalty :p

    but with a shoei u should be right......(if it's a genuine one)
  4. there's more to it than just a fine.

    think about if you're involved in an accident. this may be just the excuse for the insurance not to pay you.

    weigh up the odds:

    what's the chance of you getting into an accident?

    what's the chance of you getting fined by the popo?

    you're money and call at the end of the day.
  5. That can't be done, as soon as you remove the sticker it's ruined. A 'void' imprint appears across it.
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  7. Mr Plod can go get stuffed if he can't appreciate someone getting the absolute best helmet they can afford.

    You might have mixed results at a track. I have seen imported GOOD helmets not get a second look (arai, shoei etc), but at times the AS sticker number is written down by MA officials.
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  9. you got me! to be honest, i pulled this outta my arse so i can't offer the proof to validate what i posted and am not sure where i read or indeed heard it, so apologies.

    however, i wouldn't put it past them.
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  11. Denied, no, but damn sure they checked just in case they could use it. When TAC make a payout for loss of earning etc, they take into account what part the rider had to play in contributing to their injuries. Unfortunately we as riders get a bum rap already because we contribute meerly by being riders. Wearing a non approved helmet certainly adds fuel to that fire.
  12. ..no can do

    as said above, pull off a sticker and the plastic laminars in the
    sticker show...VOID
  13. Shaun and I both wear helmets from U.S. I have a Shark, exactly same model as released here but different colour. Shaun has an Icon. I have never had my helmet checked in 20 years. I have mostly had helmets without stickers ( took em off cause they ruined the look) although they were Aust standards ones. You can be booked wearing the proper helmet even if its had the sticker removed. And the stickers are most def not re usable. My Shark has been on the track at P.I too. Maybe I was lucky and no one noticed? I have no probs wearing a new helmet from o/s. I see people around wearing 15 year old helmets now and then, they are legal though cause theyre aust standard etc. But not safe at all, but theoretically theyre within the law. go figure. Same with open face too i reckon. Would rather be wearing my full face import thankyou very much.
  14. stay away from the Spurs then......
    plod on bikes has been doing just that
    ..along with rego and licence checks
    I was fine..my AGV 'Rossi' has the right sticker :twisted:
  15. Been pulled over a few times, and yes had my helmet checked once.
  16. With all respect....so what?

    I speed 300km/hr over the limit on every road all the time and i have done for the last 5 years. Does that make it OK? :p :p :p
  17. The fine would be the same as wearing no helmet at all.
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    would be easier if the could just follow the DOT system which im sure most companies reach.
    Although on that point I did read a study that showed one of the tests they must pass is a double impact in the same spot. The helmets just to pass this test need to be made quite hard which reduces their "absorbtion" of energy. They pass the DOT rating but can be more unsafe than unapproved DOT helmets due to their firmness.
    But because you can charge more $$ per helmet if you have the rating most helmet manufacturers go for it.

    But back to topic I don't see the issue with overseas helmets if they are built within the same safety standards as imported ones. It's not like the ones in Australia are any safer it's just that they have been tested and therefore get the sticker.